NBA 2K14 Screenshot Comparison - Ben McLemore & Xavier Henry Current-Gen vs. Next-Gen

Check out the NBA 2K14 screenshot comparison of Ben McLemore and Xavier Henry current-gen vs. next-gen.

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Evil_Abed1842d ago

They clearly spent more time and resources on next gen versions. PS3 and 360 may be old, but those lol like PS2 graphics.

Jughead34161841d ago

lol...That's funny, but I actually think that's how good next gen graphics look. They say it won't be as big of a leap graphically between current and next gen, but look at the differnce.

sinjonezp1841d ago

It is a big leap. When I look at multi platform games like ac4 and madden and then see this, I wonder if other companies are not stepping up to the plate like they should. 2k really went in with the graphics for ps4 and x1. I can't wait to see what they do with future projects.

3-4-51841d ago

2k was always lacking in graphics....about the only thing that was "bad" about their games.

They seemed to have fixed that

Pascalini1841d ago

It's a huge leap

Look at fifa too- current gen has been stuck for a year without a noticeable improvement in graphics

Just imagine what games will look like in 4 years on these consoles

BigShotSmoov0071841d ago

That is a noticeable difference. Can't wait to get my hands on it.

hollabox1841d ago (Edited 1841d ago )

Anybody getting the sense Take 2 is dogging current Gen to showcase next gen graphics?

Last NBA game I played was NBA 2K11 and I can recall that game looking better than these current gen screenshots.

Sci0n1841d ago

wow!! a few more weeks and I will be playing this on PS4

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