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oprainfall writes:

"The Mystical Ninja franchise, while virtually unknown here in the US, has a long history in Japan. Known as Ganbare Goemon, the franchise is set in a fantastical version of Japan’s Edo period. The game’s protagonist, Goemon, is loosely based on the Japanese folk hero, Ishikawa Goemon, who was said to steal from rich and corrupt lords, and give the spoils to the oppressed; something like a Japanese version of the West’s Robin Hood. The franchise has a large collection of games, as well as an anime, but very little of it ever made it across the Pacific."

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3-4-51842d ago

Loved this game. Beat it in 3 days and at the time I was wanting to play anything that was in the style of Mario 64, so I tried it out and glad I did.

It's kind of weird in that japanese way, but still really fun and creative. Good music as well.

I wish they made more games like this.