Kevin Dent Issue Clarification on Xbox One, CoD: Ghosts 720p Resolution, Embargo And More

Kevin Dent has finally issued a pretty long clarification on recent Xbox One and Call of Duty: Ghosts 720p resolution issues.

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Rikitatsu3008d ago

Who the heck is Kevin Dent?

xPhearR3dx3008d ago

Some crappy game dev who thinks he someone.

MysticStrummer3008d ago

Finally! I've been waiting to hear what Kevin Dent had to say, on this and many other subjects.


Never heard of him.

awesomeperson3008d ago

These claims were dismissed by Famousmortimer and CBOAT.

guitarded773008d ago

Interesting post, but yeah... I had to look up who Kevin Dent is too.

cleft53008d ago

Basically, this guy released a big long statement that doesn't amount to a whole lot. Also, the whole fact that he has come out and openly said he is pro-Xbox is just silly.

I expect developers with integrity to remain neutral and not behave like fanboys. Also, it's pretty classless to dismiss people concerns over 720p or 1080p. Not everyone is rolling in money and people do like to make informed decisions. This guy didn't help the situation at all, he just discredited himself and add flames to the fire.

mike32UK3008d ago

@cleft5 I don't think he was saying that he favours the XB1... Just that he doesn't have a negative view on the system like some others seem to. At least, that's what I gathered from that comment!

majiebeast3008d ago (Edited 3008d ago )

Probably the biggest douche in the industry him and Phil Fish are still battling that out.



No he is pretty biased towards Microsoft and Cboat called him out for spreading bs and famousmortimer just tore him a new one.

BattleAxe3008d ago (Edited 3008d ago )

Hmm, must be Harvey Dent's son....Batman sequel anyone?

Brix903008d ago

"I am pro-Xbox from a developer perspective and I know a lot of my fellow devs feel the same way"

Couldn't tell /s...some parts of the article were little bias even though he was saying he supports both.

HugoDrax3008d ago (Edited 3008d ago )

EDIT: Removed comment because it was like what @BattleAxe said hahahaha, sorry.

Real_gamer3008d ago

@xphearr3dx oh yeah he's crappy dev because he's saying something against ps4 but if it was indie devs praising ps4 which only made $10 games it would be truth. I never seen fan boys being too selfish and ignorant and butthurt like u

4Sh0w3008d ago

"That said, Sony are not stupid, they have already said that they will remove the HDCP restrictions –to paraphrase “We get it, you want this and we will resolve this issue after launch”."

"Actually you can capture on both devices on day one, but if you want to do post production i.e. voiceover or edits –as most journo’s need to do, hence the video element of the review- you have to use the Xbox."

"I have two dogs in this race, I want both consoles to succeed because that means that I make more money and then I can make more games."

"That said, right now I am pro-Xbox from a developer perspective and I know a lot of my fellow devs feel the same way.

The reason for this is not because Steve Balmer makes my toes curl, it’s just a simple case of economics:

Developer costs using a smallish studio as an example:

Xbox One Dev Kits 10 X $500.00= $5,000.00

Sony PS4 Dev kits 10X $2,500.00= $25,000.00

OK so here we have a industry guy using his real name NOT ANONYMOUS and you guys cherry picked his comment to say he's biased and unprofessional but NO he said from a money perspective hes pro xbox because dev costs are cheaper, he also noted the hdcp restrictions sony has and he did also say sony has given dev kits out for free however that isnt for all the little studios.

This sounds like the Machimina thing where they exposed the hdcp mess and everyone went nuts calling them liars but it turned out to be true this basicly just goes further into to that, so it seems. Its funny this double standard though this named industry guy basicly calls out sony for bad policy and its hes a liar, I see some saying no its been confirmed otherwise but no links specifically saying different, but any negative rumor about micro is 100% fact.

LetoAtreides823008d ago

4show Kevin Dent obviously knows nothing about what the dev units cost. He claims the Xbone dev units are $500, are you kidding me?

SITH3008d ago (Edited 3008d ago )

Well judging by the obvious sony boys comments before I read the article, I could already tell it was saying something good about Xbox.

Yep, as I figured.

ShwankyShpanky3008d ago

"Xbox One Dev Kits 10 X $500.00= $5,000.00

"Sony PS4 Dev kits 10X $2,500.00= $25,000.00"

Good point... if it were true. Sony is giving devkits to indies for free, and the 'every Xbone is a devkit' thing has no implementation date in sight. Pretty much the opposite of what Dent's claiming.

So yeah... good news for Xbone... if any of it were based in reality.

3008d ago
strifeblade3008d ago


Oh you mean like the 99% of indie console devs that say OMGZ PS4 IS BEST EVERZ!

You mean like those crappy game devs?


JunioRS1013008d ago

The latest Don Mattrick probably.

They just can't seem to find a competent PR guy.

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Blaze9293008d ago

how is no one talking about the most important part about this guy's post? "Coverage and video:"

"I am 100% sure that Microsoft will get a ton more coverage than Sony. There is no conspiracy theory here, the simple truth is that Sony are providing one debug unit to one video outlet in North America (I don’t know about the rest of the world) and only a select few “wordy/written/text” based outlets."


MRMagoo1233008d ago (Edited 3008d ago )

LOL the guys full of it no one cares , even if you keep trying to link this rubbish waste of time in every article.

heres kevin dents respectable rep for you http://elizabethbanner.tumb...

DragonKnight3008d ago

No one knows who Kevin Dent is, or if he's even done anything. He's saying all this stuff for the attention it'll get him. That's as plain as day given how he talks to feminists (they deserve it imo), I wouldn't doubt it if nothing he says is accurate at all.

Ju3008d ago (Edited 3008d ago )

I know for a fact, that "dev kit" price he pulled is total BS. And whatever the rest is, I doubt he has a clue. Which doesn't put this statement of his into a more believable point of view. The PS4 to XBone dev kit ratio was more like 5:1 since January, I doubt that only "one debug unit" has been shipped to media outlets.

buynit3008d ago (Edited 3008d ago )

I have no clue wth is going on and if it even matters as a gamer.. Isn't every xbo a dev Kit? So why does the price seem Un-believable?

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pompombrum3008d ago (Edited 3008d ago )

Exactly.. his clarification was spewing a whole load of Jibberish without actually clarifying anything we didn't already know.. if game development doesn't work out for him, I see some potential as a politician.

Aceman183008d ago (Edited 3008d ago )

What the hell was that nonsense I just read? He is the most unprofessional douchebag I've ever seen.

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DiRtY3008d ago

"Both consoles are world class; they really are fantastic machines –Admittedly I have only played with the Xbox One Retail, but I spent a long time on the PS4 dev kit. Do I think that the first few months will be a pain in the ass at times for both consoles? Sure! That’s tech for ya."

Pretty cool statement IMO.

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ABeastNamedTariq3008d ago

Who's Kevin Dent? (WHERE'S KEVIN DENT!?)

I don't even know what's going on anymore, nor do I truly care (yes, I care just enough to comment). I'm so confused.

GiggMan3008d ago (Edited 3008d ago )

Yeah I'm with you on this one. I'm getting sick of these twitter/gaf articles about people I have no idea who they are. It's always something vague like a little kid saying "I know something you don't know". Then they offer some silly clarification that is just as vague.

If you can't speak on something and be clear about it just don't say nothing.

KwietStorm_BLM3008d ago

I'll be so relieved early next month when I can just play games and not have to deal with politics.

Soc53008d ago

Sorry man looks like its just getting started. If you mean next month you're gonna stop reading about it that's one thing but it looks like everything at least for the next year is going to be held under a microscope and analyzed and discussed to death.

Raiz3008d ago

the update from albert penello is pretty interesting:

"Today's internet explosion has nothing to do with Xbox One. All is well in Redmond."

does this mean 720p resolution issue of CoD: Ghosts is not the fault of xbox one hardware, its the developer that didn't pushed the hardware to achieve higher resolution?

B-radical3008d ago (Edited 3008d ago )

The internet explosion has nothing to do with cod even aha. A unnamed company has peed of some people

Why must people be cryptic

Marcus Beer ‏@AnnoyedGamer 2h
I think the we will find that one of the rumors doing the rounds is false. The resolution of that one will be easy.

MajorJackHoff3008d ago

Well, I have 0 doubt in my mind the One can achieve 1080p on Ghosts.. but if it wasn't as easy to achieve on the One as it was on he PS4, and they lazily decided not to do it, that's still a pretty big problem.

pompombrum3008d ago

Come on, not only is Ghosts a timed exclusive, it's one of the biggest franchises in the world. I don't think Activision would let IW be "lazy" when developing the game for the platform which pays them money for the timed exclusive.

If it really does run in 720p, I'd take a guess that the Xbox just isn't as easy to develop for than the ps4. I don't understand game development but being honest, it's either that or the Xbox One can't handle Ghosts in 1080p and seeing how poor the game looks, I find that very hard to believe.

Either way, I think this whole fiasco is hilarious, building a new PC was definitely the way to go for the real next gen experience. I don't know how anyone (on either console) can talk up the future of the gaming when not all games can run at 1080p.

mistertwoturbo3008d ago

Well everything is about GPU compute now and less about CPU. The transition from the entire hardware and software industry has been moving that direction for years in the PC gaming market.

So it's natural the new consoles are moving in that direction.

And to put it simply why the PS4 would be easy to develop for, is that they have that 5-8GB of GDDR5 RAM just like how modern day GPUs have at least 1GB-3GB. So there's that giant pool of easy to access fast high bandwidth memory on tap.

On Xbone, in order to achieve any type of performance they have to go through that itty bitty amount of ESRAM in order to transfer the data.

Microsoft made a poor design decision in that regard. All that talk about balance is moot if their hardware has that bottleneck.

Anzil3008d ago

This is the problem i have with microsoft fans.........they will make an excuse for absolutely anything....anything. Then they complain that sony fanboys are ridiculous. PS fans rally cause they're getting what they want, where MS fans rally to protect microsoft decisions. I do not get it......

malokevi3008d ago (Edited 3008d ago )


Well put. COD should be able to run 1080p on all next gen consoles and PC. But, if the Xbox is too hard to program for / in a state of flux, then I won't hesitate to grab the best version possible, in spite of my affinity for the Xbox brand and connection to the online service.

I'll always have the best version of each game. But I do remain positive until we get official confirmation. This all seems hard to believe to me.

Edit: inebriation prevents proper typology. Also, west side.

Legacy2123008d ago

A reviewer at polygon already confirmed that the xbox one got the short end if the stick becausr microsoft was late with getting their drivers out. N4G was quick to remove it because the reviewer said this wont be a future problem. It got reported for being a tweet and moved to the fail section check it out

garos823008d ago

No he it's just happy that people have to scrutinize the other camp for once giving him a much needed rest to recuperate after all the spinning of the last couple of months

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christocolus3008d ago (Edited 3008d ago )

nice.... some good info in there...

BoriboyShoGUN3008d ago

good info? I thought the whole thing was gibberish!

PFFT3008d ago

hey chris typical Sony fanboy mentality.
Someone comes out spewing BS against the XBO and all of the sudden those people are right and know more than the developers working on these titles. BUT if someone who is a developer comes out defending that platform and saying positive stuff about it. The fanboys come out in full force calling him a worthless developer and that he doesnt know Jack SHITE. And that two idiots spreading baseless rumors over at neof*G know more than him.

christocolus3008d ago

bro, sometimes i just post my opinions and ignore cos in the end im getting the console of my choice regardless of their opinions.

neocores3008d ago

How is he fanboying he said good info the only fanboy is urself lol

sAVAge_bEaST3008d ago (Edited 3008d ago )

Major Issues ,, we will find out by launch.. There are more issues with xbone hardware, than we even realized.. >word on the street>

obliterator3008d ago

What garbage did I just read. Rofl.