Featured Gallery: Blizzard's MOBA Hero of the Storm Screenshots

Heroes of The Storm, formerly known as Blizzard All Stars (and Blizzard DOTA before that), is the Blizzard's newest free-to-play MOBA title. The game will combine Blizzard's Starcraft, World of Warcraft, and Diablo heroes into a single crossover game. Players are able to control each hero with unique skill, team up with friends and make an attempt to destroy opponent's base.
Despite there is no more details revealed, Blizzard is about to provide an overview of Heroes of the Storm at this year's BlizzCon, hosted in Anaheim, California, on November 8-9. At that time, game devs will introduce the core game mechanics, hero rosters, reward systems, and the varity of challenges you'll face on the battlefield. Before that, check out the gameplay screenshots of Heroes of The Storm we picked up below.

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bigfish1821d ago

I think it could be about the PS4s dimensions? Maybe its not as small as they said it would be

IcarusEdwards1821d ago

Look nice. Blizzard will announce more in BlizzCon 2013 later. Let's stay tuned!