Should Nintendo Give Mario A Rest?

Should Nintendo Give Mario A Rest? CouchJockey D Gives his thoughts on should Nintendo Give Mario a Rest?

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ape0071843d ago (Edited 1843d ago )

Mario is the Core of nintendo, Heck the core of all gaming, so it can't take a rest

honestly the REAL mario games are few and far between, cannot wait for Super Mario 3D world, not that NSMB series is bad, they're great but i don't consider them REAL MARIO GAMES

colonel1791842d ago

It might be the core of Nintendo, but recently they have abused of it. We used to get one Mario game each generation, and 1 or 2 at most each handheld generation. With the Wii, it was great to see a direct sequel for the first time, but it should have stopped there. Nintendo now is totally milking Mario, and even though they are not as big and don't have the same production value as Mario Galaxy 1&2, it still Mario and it does get tired.

They should have kept all the resources spent on NSMWii, NSMWiiU and 3D World, to make a AAA Mario game for the Wii U in the next year or two. People would have gone nuts about it.

Also, they have a lot of franchises that they could revive, instead of making mario games: Starfox hasn't been done since the gamecube (and properly since the N64), F-Zero, Metroid, Kid Icarus, Wave Race, etc.

I love Mario as much as everyone else, but they have really outdone it this time, even if 3D world still looks fun to play.

PopRocks3591842d ago

"I love Mario as much as everyone else, but they have really outdone it this time, even if 3D world still looks fun to play"

Doesn't this statement alone nullify your entire post? If the games still feel fresh and are fun to play, who cares which mascot's name is in the title?

That said, they could do well to release a few less Mario games each year. Sonic had an abundance of games between 2005 and 2011 and that led to the hedgehog's new found reputation as a dead or dying franchise.

UltimateMaster1842d ago (Edited 1842d ago )

Nintendo needs to show more love to other of their IP games other than Mario and Miis.
They also need to create more new games that aren't part of Miis nor Mario.
And when you do make a new console, upgrade the graphics as well, don't rehash the same thing that was on Wii.

BullyMangler1842d ago

mario games is the king of pLatformity < fact

can i even do a backfLip in GTA ?

darned times

zero_gamer1843d ago

Mario games usually sell like hotcakes and score high by major critics. They also rake in loads of profit to Nintendo. Unless Mario Kart 8 and other major Mario releases undersell Nintendo's expectations, Nintendo shouldn't "give it a rest."

ZBlacktt1843d ago

I think people who write stories like this should give the game a rest. You are tired of it. While millions upon millions of others are not. It's hard to rest the most successful Icon in video gaming history.

ape0071842d ago (Edited 1842d ago )

Damn straight

i like your style, no sugar coating, just in your face, that sure work for some people and save time too

AKR1842d ago (Edited 1842d ago )

Mario has a lot of mini-series. The Party, Tennis, Golf, Olympic Games, mainly. That's what makes it seem like there are an over saturation.

But to be honest, Nintendo is doing the same thing Ubi does with Assassin's Creed and that Activision does with CoD - keep the games rolling because they make money.

They're a game company. What do you expect them to do? If they didn't make money and get good ratings from all the different Mario-somethings - do you think they'd bother doing it?

Either way; the real, mainstream Mario titles come once every now-&-then. Put it this way; there have been only 5 3D Marios in the last 10 years and 6 in all. Mario Kart, which is arguably the next mainstream category of the Mario franchise, comes once a system. The "New Super Mario Bros." series; there has only been 4 entries across 4 platforms. The "Paper Mario" series, has only had 4 entries across 4 systems as well.

Not so much main-Marios, are there?

ZBlacktt1842d ago

Business side: Every company in the world not only needs to make money. But looks for ways to make money.

Fans support: To support a series is also the responsibility of those same companies. If you are not a diehard fan and just a regular consumer of the product in general. It may look like companies are "milking" popular lines. But demand = supply and that's what drives develops to create more of what their fans want.

So many get it and it all makes prefect sense. :D

for we are many1842d ago

I think the gaming "media" should give Nintendo a rest.

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