Well, That Escalated Quickly…

Jeremy Conrad writes: "I’ve only heard about the resolution issues. But I have heard the same rumors about the OS and networking not being anywhere near ready for launch with whispers of crashes and other serious issues franticly being ironed out prior to launch. They’re just rumors and could be completely false, but there is definitely some kind if serious technical issue facing the system prior to its launch next month."

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DEEBO1816d ago

This is a great article
I wish more journalist were honest like this.

Some might need this article broken down for them to understand.

The x1 is weaker and MS is trying to hide it.

johndoe112111816d ago

I've never really bashed the xbox one per se, my annoyance has always been with microsoft not the device itself but i'm beginning to think there may be a problem with the xbox one being a next gen device.

Although I don't really have an issue with the 720p thing it's becoming more and more clearer that microsoft designed this thing to be an all in one entertainment device first and a games console third.

I know people are gonna try and defend with all that technical jargon the microsoft engineers spoke about in that interview but It doesn't change the fact that it looks as if gaming was an afterthought. I hope this was not the case for the sake of everyone who purchased that thing.

DEEBO1816d ago

When MS says balance they are letting gamers know that the x1 isn't the strongest console but can hold it's own in the graphics department.

Sony went for graphics and games 1st and features 2nd.
so what gamers got to ask themselves is,do they want
ps4 with better graphics or x1 with better media features.

i'm more for gaming 1st, media features 2nd.

ZBlacktt1816d ago

This is why it all makes sense:

Watch Dogs shown on PS4 all year long

AC4 shown on PS4 all year long

Destiny shown on PS4 all year long

BF4 and COD shown on PS4

Remember the last time MS put out a console they knew had issues. Yep, 3 whole years of RROD.

It seems this time around it's more issues.

MightyNoX1816d ago

This. Heck, even Major Nelson showed a Watchdogs build showing the damn PS4 controller button layout.

Disagree all you want, it's right there on Youtube.

SpitFireAce851816d ago

I hope my fellow gamers don't fall for the same M$ tricks/gimmicks they fell for last gen.

AngelicIceDiamond1816d ago

@Fire but 360 turned out to be a good console.

NeoTribe1816d ago

They achieved a record breaking device failure with rrod... then shoved casual broken kinect garbage down peoples throats for years.... that's not much of an accomplishment. If it wasn't for us, xbox would have flopped. This time is going to be a different story. There losing the us consumer base.

MasterCornholio1816d ago

It was but then Kinect happened.

When Microsoft changed their focus was when I sold my 360 in exchange for a PS3.

Nexus 7 2013

lifeisgamesok1816d ago (Edited 1816d ago )

This is a rumor and we've seen both consoles have errors

The Ps4 had problems during playthroughs of Driveclub, Knack, and showing the Playroom

Are we going to ignore the Ps4 crashes by more than one journalist? I remember at least 3 different articles on it

pixelsword1816d ago (Edited 1816d ago )

@ lifeisgamesok:

You got your sarcasm in my peanut butter.

DrRobotnik1816d ago

Those were software issues, not hardware.

Mystogan1816d ago

Issues are issues. And besides. There are hardware issues being reported. I heard about PS4 having a heat problem.

jonatan2211816d ago

@Mystogan it wasn't a heating problem, it was that the ps4 that had that problem was within a closed environment.

DrRobotnik1816d ago

If you put a device in sealed box with no ventilation...yeah, I guess we can say it has a heating problem...grasping at straws.

johndoe112111816d ago


Lets clear the air on this issue right now. On both occasions when the ps4 overheated they were placed in closed boxes without proper ventilation and on both occasions it was reported that when the boxes were opened and the ps4 was allowed to breathe properly it returned to normal functionality.

This is the problem right there. it appears that most of the xbox issues are hardware related while most of the ps4 issues are software related. I don't know this as a fact, i could actually be wrong but it appears that way.

But what I see as the main issue is the xbox not being up to par as a next gen console, at least when compared to the ps4. I don't believe that resolutions are something we as a gaming community should be fighting over but I do understand why it is important in defining a next gen console.

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chrissx1816d ago (Edited 1816d ago )

Nothing here really suprises me. Classic M$. Why not just be honest for once and state the facts? I shall never know.The truth will be out soon,then there'l be nowhere to hide.

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