NBA 2K14 Current-Gen vs Next-Gen vs Real Life

2K Sports has been busy promoting the Xbox One and PS4 version of NBA 2K14 the past week. The company recently released new screenshots of Kobe Bryant, Ray Allen, Kevin Durant and cover athlete Lebron James. We decided to compare these screenshots to the current-gen version of NBA 2K14 and real life images of each basketball star.

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lifeisgamesok1821d ago

Photo-realism is almost here

That's one tremendous jump in graphics

The previous 2k's launching on new consoles never made this big of a leap except maybe Dreamcast to Xbox/ps2?

Kevin263851821d ago

That was definitely the biggest jump in my eyes. The detail on X1/PS4 is incredible though.

MajorJackHoff1821d ago

Real life looks like shit. Jaggies everywhere, low poly count.. This is supposed to be next gen. Step up your game, LifeBox.

minimur121821d ago

In all honesty, I think this may be the best looking next gen launh& launch window game as of yet

Beastforlifenoob1821d ago

I agree also real life has to much DLC and the world is far to small... Also the AI sucks and the sound quality is horrendous.

dantendo1821d ago (Edited 1821d ago )

Dreamcast was the same generation as PS2/Xbox/Gamecube... It just didnt last as long because sega stopped support (got out of the hardware buisness), not to mention it came out over year in advance and lacked a dvd player.. But yeah the jump from ps1/64 era to ps2/xbox/cube/dreamcast was huge..

dantendo1821d ago

Facial animations are taking an incredible leap with the next generation. No wonder why hollywood is scared! At least actors are identifying this with games like Beyond featuring Hollywood actors playing themselves and not just voice acting. Should be interesting to see where things go.. Maybe this generations star wars games will be a generation landmark when the movies come out! That tied with the fact that lucasarts is gone could lead to some interesting stuff..(which in some cases is bad in my opinion, I believe the lack of direct control of a product leads to a lesser product, anyway sorry for the side tangent!)

GiggMan1821d ago

I always thought 2k looked good. When you do the comparison you can see the differences. People actually have skin complexions now.

josephayal1821d ago

I don't see a massive difference, TBH im in no rush to get the next gen consoles

ape0071821d ago (Edited 1821d ago )

agreed 100%, i think people are over exaggerating

fight night 3 was a bigger leap

MGS 1 vs MGS 2 is what i call a leap

san andrease to GTA V or IV is what i call a leap

super mario world to Mario 64 is the biggest leap

i feel that nextgen is just currentgen on steroids so far, nothing felt like a true leap, nothing felt like seeing perfect dark zero or ghost recon on xbox 360 for the first time, if u put the last of us or Halo 4 against any nextgen game, they still look damn awesome

the only true leap i saw was Unreal Engine 4 tech demo and the first two watch dog gameplay vid

Khajiit861821d ago (Edited 1821d ago )

Once you get to a WalMart and play the PS4 you will change ur mind. Im playing 2k14 on my ps3 right now and looking at those next gen graphics I see a huge leap from what im playing and what the vids and screens are showing.

josephayal1821d ago

this is the 1th time that I feel perfectly content to stick with my current consoles for a while, The future of gaming is 4K NOT 1080p 60fps

1nsomniac1821d ago

The amount of power it takes to make that much difference TO EVERY SINGLE PLAYER, not just one, is amazing. Including the animation system & AI improvements.

I think a few people here are being a little shallow minded..

WickedLester1820d ago

I'm looking forward to next gen but I somewhat agree with you. I don't see a huge difference between current gen and next gen in these picture. Those who claim there's a massive leap....placebo effect!

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Indo1821d ago

When your game is being compared to real life, that mean you made a statement. If only 2K still made NFL games.

Beastforlifenoob1821d ago

Not a statement, a pretty big ass statement.

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