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AAG's Martin writes: "Killzone Mercenary comes to us from the recently restructured Guerilla Cambridge studios with the burden of proving that a First Person Shooter can be done properly on Sony’s handheld after disappointing installments from Call of Duty and Resistance. Each one failed to convince gamers that the Playstation Vita could handle a full-fledged shooter the same way consoles could. So, is Killzone Mercenary a game to buck the trend."

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1nsomniac1844d ago

Still haven't picked this game up, but I like the fact the later released reviews - which generally tend to be the more realistic ones - have all praised it quite highly.

0ut1awed1844d ago

If you have a Vita you owe it to yourself and the future of games on the system to invest in it.

It's a fantastic game and the better it sells the more incentive developers have to develop games of similar caliber for the Vita.

1nsomniac1844d ago

Loved the beta just never got around to buying it, same as Soul Sacrifice.

NukaCola1844d ago

Get it if you have a Vita. I found it to be the best shooter on any handheld device. The level layouts are excellent. The game play is phenomenal. The story mode is good and the replay value is high. This feels like a console title in a smallet package and does so much to pay us back for Nihilistic's abominations. I hope to see GG Cambridge do more on Vita. This engine is sexy and looks 2009 PS3 good if not better.

0ut1awed1844d ago (Edited 1844d ago )

Like I said if you enjoy it and are still holding out on it then your only hurting your investment with the Vita.

Consumer purchasing power is real. The Vita is struggling. If developers can't even get people that enjoy a game on the system to buy it then they really have no use to waste their time on the system.

HighResHero1844d ago (Edited 1844d ago )

Perhaps the future of handheld games in general.
I just got a Vita.
I purchased Lumines, got PS+ w/ a few games, and will be buying copies of:
-Dragon's Crown
-Gravity Rush
and more....

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SonyStyled1843d ago

i believe in gamestops black friday ad leak KZ:M was $20. friday only

HighResHero1843d ago

Maybe I'll wait for that deal (if it's a new copy), thanks for the reminder.

TomahawkX1844d ago

Best handheld shooter on the market.