GTA 5: How to Make Millions Fast – Tips for Earning Insane Money

Learn how to quickly and easily make tons of money in Grand Theft Auto 5. These tips provide conventional, legitimate ways to make fast money. This article does not cover any glitches or exploits that will inevitably be patched up in future game updates.

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SuperBlur1816d ago

haven't played GTA O in a little while, is the stock market open now?

iceman061815d ago (Edited 1815d ago )

Nope! Article seems to be talking about some things that are single player only and some that carry over into Online...though he doesn't state as much.

r1sh121815d ago

lol..most people just boosted their levels.

Mega241815d ago

An easy way of making tons of money was sinking all your earnings into Pisswasser , when the game released it was at 0.01, now is at 300 or around that point. By doing this I made $700m on all characters.

SuperBlur1815d ago

im at the maximum amount of cash the game allows you to have on mike and frank but somehow trev's stocks got bugged and only made a billion

Mega241814d ago

I could have made more but BF beta pulled me away, now I just don't play because everyone in Online are assholes... waiting on DLC, I don't want to exhausted from the game by playing too much.

SuperBlur1814d ago

you'll most likely never have to use 1/4 of that money anyway.

yea most people are dicks , that's one thing i miss from RDR , they had that covered by allowing us to join friendly sessions and form a posse on the go

now they shove us the crew and social club feature down our throats .

LordMaim1815d ago

The tips offered in the article are really vague and not related to a particular strategy. Aside from being a stock market savant, which could pay true dividends given time, all of the other advice would be less effective than just doing missions in the game.

JeffGUNZ1815d ago

exactly, other then the stock market, robbing stores and selling cars will not make you earn ",millions fast". Misleading article title.

FunkMacNasty1815d ago

haha exactly! robbing stores and selling cars are the biggest grind in GTA online.

thricetold1814d ago

This is spam, it's just a lead in for them to sell you something.