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CM - "At this year's EuroGamer Expo I got the chance to play a game that I did not know all too much about, but it did certainly catch my eye. This was the free-to-play MMO game - War Thunder - for the PlayStation 4 console."

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sigfredod1816d ago

This is my day 1 download

Enemy1816d ago

Looking gorgeous on PS4 as well.

TheFutureIsBlue1816d ago

Mine is going to be DC Universe since I never had the space in my phat ps3 to download it, lol. I will check this out though since I'm getting Killzone SF instead of BF4 and this can crave my fps vehicle needs. Plus Planet Side 2. Hell...I'm kind of glad I skipped BF4 for the time being now that I think of it =p

sergons1815d ago

I can't wait for War Thunder tanks!

3-4-51815d ago

Been playing this non-stop on Pc for the past 5-6 days.

I'm a huge fan of Birds of Prey & Birds of Steel, so when I found out this game existed I was pretty excited.

It's the most fun I've had playing a flying game since Crimson Skies online back in the original xbox days.

Definitely downloading this whenever I get a PS4 as well.

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OrangePowerz1816d ago

I play it sometimes on PC and most likely will download it for the PS4 and see how it plays on it.

Maxor1815d ago

The problem with this game is that high level dogfights kinda sucks. At low level the dog fights last longer and there's more maneuvering but once everyone start flying around with booming cannons the game is a lot less enjoyable. People just get fireballed much too quickly.