The Making Of: Turok: Dinosaur Hunter

Can dinosaurs save Acclaim?” asked Business Week in March 1997. It was a fair question. The previous year, the videogame publisher based in Glen Cove, New York had begun to struggle. Its share price dipped 76 per cent and Wall Street was shouting “sell, sell, sell”. Then came that year’s E3 in Atlanta.

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Fireseed1844d ago

HOLY CRAP!!! I loved this game as a kid! First video game I ever played and beat by myself :)

BullyMangler1844d ago

Imagine Nintendo Re-Imagines this like they did WindWaker .

Turok puts master Chief to shame

Fireseed1843d ago

Damn right! Remember getting the 100 triangle pieces... "I AM TUROK!!!"

ZeekQuattro1844d ago

Almost makes me want to hook up my N64. I played the hell out of the original Turok as I was a big dinosaur fan at the time. Never played the sequels for what ever reason but I remember loving the 1st one.