Sony promotes GTA4 as 'meant to be played on the PS3' [update]

Joystiq writes: "Amazon PR Manager Tammy Hovey confirmed to Joystiq that the Sony wording was in fact "a campaign paid for by Sony" and that Microsoft will be "doing something similar next week".

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sonarus3828d ago

WOW. Looks like GTA4 is really where the big bucks are at. These guys are going all out. Sony doesn't seem to be working as hard as MSoft though but i am sure(hoping) they have something planned

skynidas3828d ago

Maybe Sony have something planned, but im sure it wont be too big, they are focusing on promoting PS3 Exclusives, and yes i know that GTA is really important but they are not focusing on GTA IV

kapedkrusader3828d ago

...what they really want to sell is those $400-$500 PS3s.

Lew_Ijgee3828d ago

Because video game consoles have a very, very small mark up (usually $1-$2) so Amazon and all other retailers care much more about software sales than hardware as far as consoles are concerned.

Silellak3828d ago

Please refer to this helpful diagram when trying to decide which version of GTA4 you want.

SiIellak3828d ago

I keep posting that diagram.

jkhan3828d ago

Now that was seriously funny. Bubbles for you mate. Still LMAO on Sorry- you should be hahaha

MikeGdaGod3828d ago

why can't i attach pictures?


Silellak3828d ago

My posting the diagram repeatedly is no more annoying than all the "360 vs. PS3 GTA4 WHICH IS BEST OMG!!!!!!!!11111111111111" ; articles.

On a related note, it's also no more annoying than stupid user clones.

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Condoleezza Rice3828d ago

I knew it was only a matter of days till Sony started 'publicly' campaigning for GTA4,looks like Amazon is one of their targets

Genesis53828d ago

Well it's a very high profile target.

Clinton5143828d ago

I don't even want to look at them. I know I want the game already and it's going to be nothing but dirt flinging from both companies.

toughNAME3828d ago

Paying someone off? That is just soo low. Shame Sony...shame on you

juuken3828d ago

And how are they doing that exactly?
Sorry, but Sony isn't as low as Microshaft. You must have them confused with another company.

thereapersson3828d ago

You're going to have to try harder this time to make me laugh.

ArmrdChaos3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

Yeh...must be that "other" company that knowingly put rootkits on their music CDs to keep people from stealing "their" property. Funny how part of the code that was used for the rootkits was stolen from the open source community and claimed as their own...irony. The point...NEITHER of them are angels...Microsoft and Sony are BOTH greedy corporations. Of course corporate cheerleaders will argue otherwise.

juuken3828d ago

ArmrdChaos, as far as I can tell...M$ is doing the most gobbling in the videogame industry. Sony does things for the money as well but AT LEAST they know how to make the money. They don't release rushed products off the market, and they sure as hell don't bribe their consumers into buying their products.

If you're going to disagree with me, then disagree with me for the right reasons. Sony is a Japanese based company. Japanese may want to make money but they don't do it half-assed.

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