‘Ryse: Son of Rome’ more ‘Batman: Arkham’ than QTE-fest | Examiner

XMNR: Ryse: Son of Rome has been slammed as a QTE (Quick Time Event)-centric game since it was demoed at E3 earlier this year. That’s not a fair assessment of the game heading into the November launch following a hands-on experience with the game’s Gladiator mode at an Xbox One Tour event in Atlanta on Saturday.

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HelpfulGamer1820d ago

Batman: Arkham allows you to play Catwoman with her own moves. Let see Ryse does that! :D

Fireseed1820d ago

You want Ryse to allow you to play as Catwoman?

BobBelcher1820d ago

this comment is so awesome.

Pintheshadows1820d ago

It would certainly be a unique selling point.

come_bom1820d ago (Edited 1820d ago )


LOL, good one... You certainly "owned" HelpfulGamer.

NewMonday1820d ago

Ryse is TRYING to be Batman: Arkham

judging from the combat flow and AI it is failing

4Sh0w1820d ago (Edited 1820d ago )

"The combat in Ryse has a satisfying rhythm to it – block, attack, roll, slam, attack, execution – that belies early criticisms of the game as QTE-centric." -examiner

Sounds good to me, along with all the cinematic kills, and what looks like a great backstory in a awesome setting, I think we're in for a good one with Ryse.

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Elit3Nick1820d ago

Play as a centurion in ancient Rome... and also play as catwoman, because f*** you that's why

MRMagoo1231820d ago

well adding cat woman might make the game seem interesting, the combat in Ryse is way too basic to be fun for very long imo, i only played it for 10 mins and it was already getting boring.

lifeisgamesok1820d ago

I love the slow-mo kills but the fluid Arkham style combat is great too

Bigpappy1820d ago

The comparison, from what I see, is from the ability to switch seamlessly from one combatant to the next, both defensively and offensively, all in rhythm.

lifeisgamesok1820d ago

Yup I noticed that it looks really good how enemies don't wait for you and you chain executions together. Great stuff

xXxSeTTriPxXx1820d ago

Why do we forget that assassins creed did this type of combat b4 batman?

CYCLEGAMER1820d ago (Edited 1820d ago )

This is true...I played the game yesterday. I went through 2 matches without using a single quick time event. It is definitely your option to do so or not.

I couldn't remember what the fighting mechanic of Ryse reminded me of until I saw this article, and Batman is the perfect fighting mechanic to describe it.

lifeisgamesok1820d ago

Sounds incredible and I think the people that really follow this game know it's going to be a hit

CYCLEGAMER1820d ago (Edited 1820d ago )

Yeah it is, the sound and action, made me feel like Maximus in a scene from Gladiator, with the guy yelling and taking bets in the background, and the crowd screaming or grunting when you do something gruesome. It was cool!

Ryse and Killer Instinct are easily my favorite xb1 games so far.

Sitdown1820d ago

Just finished playing it and I did not get a quick time event either... do they exist in the arena. I did keep trying to use the left stick to evade several times, don't know why.


Lol..yeah I was trying to figure it out too....think of it like a finisher. When that white skull pops up hit the right trigger (I think) then u use different buttons to do different things. It doesn't tell u what to press.

Sitdown1819d ago

Ahhhh, makes sense.. . perhaps I will go back today. We did have a quick time event via a guy proposing to his girlfriend at the Xbox one tour event last night. Haha

Jovanian 1820d ago

I hate the floaty combat of the recent batman games. Its basically assassins creed with the counters but you glide several feet from enemy to enemy which feels very unnatural

Eldyraen1820d ago

Some of Batman's flow is bit too exaggerated at times (or downright fake when at its worst) but the combat was still fun. Its probably the reason for disagrees.

Sleeping Dogs was much less exaggerated but it also lacked some of the flair because of it (but still awesome). Ryse like SD though still has plenty of Battittude (yes I went there) in its combat but with more 300 thrown into the mix.

I think all were somewhat inspired by Assassin's Creed combat though. Not enough to say its the same but similarities exist. They are relatively 'simple' combat systems (at heart) which are basically just a matter of timing and watching combatants correctly.

Sometimes we just have to forgo realism for sake of enjoyment and/or artistic flair.

Bigpappy1820d ago

I don't know whether you were right or not, but you explained that very well.

IVanSpinal1820d ago

totally unexpected
i need to buy this game

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