Day One Patches - The Future of Gaming?

It's a struggle to remember the last game bought on release day that didn’t have a day one patch, Killzone: Mercenary, Beyond: Two Souls and Batman: Arkham Origins have all had patches that prompted for download before you could even get to the install sections. This isn’t a new occurrence, we’ve been experiencing this for a couple of years over numerous titles, and now we’re about to embark on the next generation of gaming and the consoles themselves have day one patches. But why do we see this?

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MNGamer-N2520d ago

More like constant patches all the time forever. Software always has to be updated so get used to it.

BX812520d ago

Agreed. What I don't like is a crappy game being put out with no day one patch to fix anything.

Kingthrash3602520d ago

im ok with day 1 long as its free...ill even take a month after patch as long as it improves the game.

Lwhit62520d ago

Everyone is so nit-picky anymore. If you want downloads while playing a 1080p/60fps game then dealing with a small day one download shouldn't be a big deal.

Ratty2520d ago

Seriously. It's like those people don't understand how software works. I'd be way more pissed off if they didn't support their product after printing it.

pixelsword2520d ago (Edited 2520d ago )

In a way, I'm not okay with day-one patches only because when game after game comes out from a company that always needs patches, that only means that they need to sit the heck down and fix their engine and get their production pipeline in order. Yes, I know that games are more complex than before, but if ANY company does it, then that means ALL companies can do it.

It's funny that people can applaud when someone puts out a patch for a game that's supposed to be finished, but the same people will unload fury on a much less educated/mature burger worker if they forgot their fries (even when they plan to eat at the restaurant.)

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mdluffy2520d ago

Between the day that the game gets burned on the discs... until it's released can be a while so they probably fix a lot of stuff in that time.
I really don't see the problems with day-one patches, that fixes game breaking bugs.

Pillsbury12520d ago

They will always want to make constant tweaks to better put experience.

strickers2520d ago (Edited 2520d ago )

Loads of patches. They will improve games. You know bugs used to stay in and not be repairable. Think about that next time you get upset. Then consider that PS4/ XB1 will do most of this while you sleep, with auto downloads and background chips.
You don't know how good you have it.

admiralvic2520d ago

No one is complaining about patches, just that we're seeing more companies push to meet deadlines than perhaps finishing products 100%. In a lot of ways patches have become something of a "get out of jail free" ticket.

Game has an issue? A lot of people write it off and say it might get patched.
Don't like something about the game? It might get patched.
Gamebreaking bug found? We can patch it.

Even now we've seen things like Rayman Legends Vita was announced to get the invasion levels via a patch, but we've seen or heard anything about that since the announcement. Not saying it won't happen, but all the anger people had went away in an instant because of the promise of making a better game.

Ratty2520d ago

Companies have always pushed to meet deadlines. It's nothing new, believe me. What is a nowadays thing is how teams got bigger and deadlines much, much shorter.

AKR2520d ago

I see your point.

Thankfully, all of the new systems have the background-download function which will download new updates when it's in sleep mode - so that takes away the hassle of having to wait a few minutes after you run the game.

Gemmol2520d ago (Edited 2520d ago )

dont forget Wii U I know it may not be next to your ps4 but it will be next to others who own a ps4 and yes I do agree with your post I did not realize how good we have it until not too long ago I went to play a game on my Wii U and the patch was install and downloaded....I was wondering what was going on but I thought it was cool.....even now I have resident evil revelations downloading while my Wii U is completely the way if you do not own resident evil revelations its 20 dollars on the eshop its on 1tb getting some usage

GusBricker2520d ago

Aren't we already used to this? Almost every new disc-based game on the 360 has a 5MB update as soon as you boot up the disc.

Deadpoolio2520d ago

You do know that that is what initiates the MP portion right? It's not a patch it's just allowing the MP

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