Battlefield 4 Also Runs At 720p on Xbox One claims Former IGN Journalist

Jeremy Conrad (former IGN Journalist) has commented on Battlefield 4 and Call of Duty: Ghosts running at 720p on Xbox One controversy.

Jeremy further went on to revealed the exact reason why Microsoft executives, officials and Journalists are not talking about CoD: Ghosts 720p resolution on Xbox One?

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stuna11822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

The Xbox 1 just can't catch a break! Or is it just that the crows have finally come home to roost?

This article is about to be taken down in record time, if it even gets approved.

So just how in the hell were they going to show the sp against the mp of PS4 in 1080p!? Oops another bone done fell out of Microsofts closet!

stuna11822d ago

Damn! This could also give clarity to the cryptic message of why we would be surprised when the Xbox1 single player comparison against the PS4 multiplayer.

pedrof931822d ago

What's an embargo ?

Can someone translate the post for non-native English speaker please ?

cleft51822d ago

Microsoft really needs to get in front of this situation. I said it before, but this is simply something they cannot let stand. Which console will be the lead for multiplatform games is a big deal to a lot of people, especially games with multiplayer.

ProjectVulcan1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

An embargo is basically a ban, nothing reviewed before the end of the embargo.

Thing is, if this is true and ALL the other versions are to be reviewed at the same time except the Xbox one version despite the fact the game isn't out til later on PS4 as well, that screams of PR managing bad news doesn't it?

The very act of isolating and delaying news of the Xbox one version shouts it from the rooftops they are attempting to protect that one version for some particular reason.

Where there is smoke....

Eonjay1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

This really sucks for Microsoft. I really have a problem wrapping my head around this idea. In the age of direct feed video and twitter, word gets out fast. Visuals are tangable. That why they are called "Video" games. 1080p looks better than 720p. I think they messed up with the ESRam. All video cards today use GDDR5 Ram. How can the system be more expensive and less capable? OMG

patsrule3161822d ago

An embargo (in this type of case) is the following:

A company sends out their games early to several journalists for review, so they can try out the games and have time to write their reviews. In order to be permitted early access to the game, the journalists must sign an agreement stating they will not reveal any facts or information about the game until a specific time. That silence agreement is called a review embargo.

hakeem09961822d ago

Didn't DICE already say that BF4 would be the same version on all consoles ?

NewMonday1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

the truly ironic thing is that MS spent millions to have BF4 and CoD:G exclusive marketing for XB1, but the PS4 version ends up getting all the good publicity for free.


"Where there is smoke.."

..there are mirrors.

mikeslemonade1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

So before the Wii U couldn't do next-gen and now X1 can't do next-gen. Really.... are you only going to give me Forza, FIFA, and NBA? A freaking racing, soccer, and basketball game.

The games that are actually pushing the envelope can only be in 720p. And it's arguable that COD doesn't push the envelope and neither does BF4 for that matter. These are 1st generation pseudo next-gen games for crying out loud.

UltimateMaster1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

They have officially declared native 1080p on the PS4.
Why can't they confirm on the Xbox One?
What do they have to hide?

Let's not pretend like this is in any way good.
The next thing you'll hear Xbox Fanboys say is: "Well, SD is the future!!"
When we all know 4k is just around the corner.

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joe901822d ago

More Twitter rumours.

Love how at the top of this page it has made it's way to "Hopefully" You know N4G fans want the Xbox to be garbage so to protect the precious PS4.

Eonjay1822d ago

No one wants the Xbox to be garbage... it just is turning out to be that way.

MysticStrummer1822d ago

"Hopefully" is just a bad choice of words. People are voting on whether the rumor is true or not. It should say "Maybe" or "Possibly" or something like that right there.

OT - Whether it's true or not, it's not good for rumors like this to be floating around this close to launch. Stuff like this is worse than PS4's delayed games. It accentuates XB1's weaker hardware at exactly the wrong time.

stiggs1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

@ joe90.

Exactly! Why would anyone want a story that can only be regarded as bad news to be true?

I'm really having a difficult time wrapping my head around the concept of the N4G detractor. Do these people gain some kind of satisfaction when things go wrong for others? Are they actually "happy" when an article that paints a competing video game system in a negative light turns out to be true?

I wish someone would explain that mindset to me. I just don't get it.

1OddWorld1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

Microsoft has done a fantastic job of making them selves the bad guys over the last 6 months. So gamer sentiment wants them to burn for their mistakes. It is up to Microsoft to change public opinion and stop this snowball from becoming an avalanche. Cant really blame gamers for being pissed, their has been some shady things taking place behind the scenes.

At least that is how I interpret the "Hopefully".

Mikeyy1822d ago

>implying n4g dictates if a console does well or not.

Microsoft alone owns this disaster.

BABY-JEDI1822d ago

If the XBOne has these issues (& I say if). Then the console cycle will be shorter & we all will be buying the next, next gen console sooner rather than later. Point being. We will be not getting the most out of our console of choice!

ShwankyShpanky1822d ago

@Baby: MS going balls to the wall to put out a 4k machine in five years? Could be a possibility. It would have to be damn good box to win people back, and might irk some Xbone buyers that they're already being encouraged to "upgrade."

TalonJH1822d ago

Calm down, that's not how that guage works. That guage tells if people think the rumor is true or not. The three choices are "No Way" "hard to tell" and "For sure". For some reason the people that designed the site have a area between "hard to tell" and "for sure" that is listed as "hopefully" with the crazy idea that all rumors are positive.

People arn't voting that "hopefully" the rumor is true. They are voting that they think the rumor is true but some are skeptical.

r2oB1822d ago

@ Stiggs

Kind of like how Microsoft pays for third party exclusives so that Sony does not get the game (even if timed), rather than investing money in more in house titles? It seems they are more concerned with preventing Sony from getting a game, then Xbox gamers getting an extra game. It also seems that many Xbox gamers get satisfaction from Sony gamers not being able to play these games, if even temporary.

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cellfluid1822d ago

This is unacceptable... All the years of support the xbox fans gave to Microsoft and this is how they repay them!! With a bs console unbelievable.. The xbox supporters deserve BETTER PERIOD!!! all jokes aside this is pure BS..

Bigpappy1822d ago

We are getting better. X1 is the far better console. Can do way more than PS4. We already know it can do games at 1080p native (Forza does that and Drive club could not, so it was delayed). What ever resolution COD or Battlefield runs at will be fine. But I will wait and see for myself. You guys can live and die by rumors as if there are fact. I will wait for the facts and see the differences for myself... if there is even any.

LordNikon1822d ago

Driveclub was always 1080p, dunno what you are talking about.

GTgamer1822d ago

@lord don't pay him no mind he's in rant mode its best to let him be and make no contact.

1OddWorld1822d ago


I think you may be delusional.

I am fine with your opinion but, I don't think you should post it as fact. The only thing currently that XBOne can do that PS4 can not is watch live TV and Snap. The value one puts on these features is up to the end user. I would personally like to snap into a Slimjim then have my games take a backseat to tv/skype.

GiggMan1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

@Bigpappy, "I will wait for the facts and see the differences for myself... if there is even any."

Curious to know if it is a big difference and the rumors are true are you (along with anyone else) going to switch for the better console? You have to remember that this is the beginning of a 7 to 10 year generation and the gap will probably widen if true.

There is nothing wrong with still supporting the weaker console but it is kind of shady that no one wants to admit it. MS should take the lumps, admit the differences and move on instead of trying to be manipulative.

BTBuck11822d ago

it's the third console curse meng, Sony weathered the storm on the PS3 and they've been riding a HUGE wave since about 2009 and as of recent caught and passed MS despite them (miscrosoft) having a 1 year head start and a console that was initially 1/2 as much money as the PS3. I think the XBOX supporters get exactly what they deserve, what you thought Microsoft was good for this industry? HAH! Paid online, that was MS's doing, Paid And Timed & exclusive DLC, MS brought that to the industry... Greed and monopolistic business practices, MS brought that too, with a suitcase full of endless amounts of money. You saw how cocky they got as soon as they thought (keyword thought) they had a stranglehold on the industry. They were about to force a bunch of things onto their supporters, doing things TO their customers instead of FOR their customers. And you can bet your ass, that if Sony wasn't on the scene, doing the complete opposite, doing FOR their consumers and all they had to compete with was Nintendo, then all of that Restrictive DRM... glorified game renting and Kinect BS would all still be in full effect.. You guys that back MS should really open your eyes, this is not the XBOX of 2008, They've failed to innovate, they've failed to listen to the consumer... their soccer mom out of touch Boss doesn't know what the hell she's doing in a Gamer industry.. All of the people who were on the original XBOX teams are all gone, they were enthusiasts.. they made it great, they've moved on. Maybe it's time you should too.

BoriboyShoGUN1822d ago

No one is forcing them to buy an XBOX!
I just cant believe people are paying $500 for a weaker system. Now all of the sudden "graphics dont matter" Why go next gen if the visuals arent important to you???

Soc51822d ago

The crazy thing is people are not going to stop comparing these two new consoles for years. Lots of silly endless debates will be cropping up for the foreseeable future. I mean they still argue endlessly about the ps3 vs the 360
Now every game that comes out on both systems will be immediately compared to see which system plays it best. The difference is this time The Xbox is higher priced and weaker. Before it was close and the 360 was cheaper.
But lots of people do have a point that can't be denied if this report is true : why pay more to run a game at lower quality.

madjedi1822d ago

@pappy "We are getting better. X1 is the far better console."

Exactly how the hell is it a better console, it's more expensive and less powerful than the ps4. Where does the phrase better even remotely fit into the equation here comparing both systems abilities to play games.

You can say the xbox one is a better match for you do to preferring ms's exclusive and eco-system ect for you but to call it the better console is hilarious.

"We already know it can do games at 1080p native" So can the ps3/360 it just depends on how much the devs want to compromise to achieve it.

Gaming is not the priority the xbox one was designed around, hence the laughable ddr 3 for graphics memory and the e sram/dram bandaid. How many mid to high end cards utilize ddr 3 for graphics memory none that i know of.

Look information up about the system, both systems specs have been known for a while now, minus the ps4's cpu speed.

Ryse was touted as being 1080p natively rendered till they retracted their claim admitting it is 900p.

"see the differences for myself... if there is even any." Let's see essentially the same architecture only one is significantly more powerful than the other. Damn talk about thick.

I do love the people saying forza is in 1080p so below 1080p on the xbox one for cod/bf 4 is because of lazy/unskilled devs.

Let's see cross gen multiplatform games at launch on 5 platforms vs next gen exclusives on 1 platform.

I just feel sry for people buying current gen releases of cross gen games, because they will look like ass regardless if you compare to the ps4 or the xbone.

Benchm4rk1822d ago


Actually some of the people that were part of the original Xbox development team are still there and were part of the development of the Xbox One. A lot of people did go but not all

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Bigpappy1822d ago

You guys do realize that there is X1 footage of Battlefield already out there and that people have played 64 player multi-player at some of the early events this summer right? Can't remember any complaints of bad resolution. In fact, the game look pretty darn good.

But you can just the same ignore all of that and carry-on with the Xbox-suck parade.

MysticStrummer1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

What you say is true, but resolution and other technical aspects can be downgraded at almost any time before release, as we've already seen.

GTgamer1822d ago

So if BF4 becomes native 1080p and 60 fps on PS4 and 720p and 60fps on the xone what will you say i would like to know.

Dlacy13g1822d ago

@GTgamer to answer your question...I would say its 1080p on the PS3 and 720p on the Xbox One. pretty straight forward

LetoAtreides821822d ago

What they played was actually on PC with Xbone controllers.

pixelsword1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

"But you can just the same ignore all of that and carry-on with the Xbox-suck parade."

Well, if you insist...

finbars751822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

You have to remember one thing nobody knows if it was actually running off the Xboxone or PC that is where one of the problems have started as we all know MS was busted doing.Second nobody had seen what the PS4 version was looking like so now that they have seen it there probally is a huge difference in quality of the games.This is where everything hads snowballed into a shit storm for MS and there Xboxone.I wish that MS had just waited to release there console when it will be running the way it was meant to or maybe that was MS intentions with the Xboxone was to be more family friendly and cut alot of what gamers like to see out.Im not going to lie im not a fan of a console that was focus on multimedia as a priority and a company doing backward flips left and right,im a gamer firat and for most so those things dont matter to gamers now a days like myself.You can see which direction MS has taken and its obvisouly a dark ONE.This is what happens when ypou alienate your hardcore gamers for a gimmick like kinnect and focus on that one and only thing.Like I have said in my previous comments you can have a billion dollar cheque book to spend on timed exclusive dlc and games that arent going to be exclusive for very long to make gamers happy with all the bad luggage that comes with it.

DatNJDom811822d ago

"But you can just the same ignore all of that and carry-on with the Xbox-suck parade."

It does. That's why there's a parade.

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TheOwner1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

How about we wait for the direct feed footage on 29th before we judge? BTW ps4 and Xbox One in shop stands are mostly connected to 720p TV's. FORMER ign journalist is not very credible source.


I'd like to know what you will say if it will be other way around.

MRMagoo1231822d ago

You mean the direct feed MP ps4 footage against the direct feed SP xbone footage lol the only thing anyone would be surprised about in that VS comparison is if somehow the ps4 MP looks better than xbone SP.

GTgamer1822d ago

Lmaoooooo other way around that's a 0.0000000001% chance of that happening but if it did happen i would just be surprise and not say anything tbh.

ShwankyShpanky1822d ago

"BTW ps4 and Xbox One in shop stands are mostly connected to 720p TV's."

Good way to hide sub-1080-native output, no?

Good thing PS4 games are being officially confirmed as 1080p native, no?

"people have played 64 player multi-player at some of the early events this summer right? Can't remember any complaints of bad resolution."

Were they playing on 720p screens as well?

finbars751822d ago

You also have to remember that at all these shows they been running off 720p tvs as well.Plus its not obvious that when you put a MP version against a SP its telling you that the ONE console is just inferior to there SP so much that they have to comnpare fair videos to balance it out or it would look so bad that alot of people will be turned off by the difference.I dont think this is some made up article to start shit this also isnt the first article to claim this.Its obvisouly the truth coming out something MS has known for a while.If they dont make any kind of statement by today about all this then your guarnteed they are in damage control and dont know how to adress the public especially after all the shit they have been through in the last few months.I have a feeling this is lookng bleek for MS and that alot of gamers who enjoy the xbox brand might start jumping the ship with everything thats been going on and im talking about all the lies and keeping stuff from them which matters most.

1822d ago
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CJDUNCAN1822d ago

As someone that has been counting down the days until the xbox one release, this just flat out sucks. Weak launch line up to begin with, then the only 2 real powerhouses are lackluster compared to the offering on the PS4. IF THE RUMORS ARE TRUE.

I know consoles are an investment into the future but man talk about a launch day letdown.

TalonJH1822d ago

The launch line ups for both really aren't that bad. Pretty consistent with pass launches.

garos821822d ago


I agree totally.I'm fact there are many more titles to choose from than any other console at launch.I mean I remember ps2 had something like 5 titles at launch or something like that and not much more for ps3.feel free to correct me if I'm wrong

BoriboyShoGUN1822d ago

At least your honest CJ, I dont understand how someone could be buying an XBOX and not be concerned???? All the BS Microsoft was spitting out about the "Cloud Power" etc. But now games are being downgraded or not up to par with the competition. Xbox if its not true come out and prove it!!!!!!!!

Soc51822d ago

Yeah man it's been disappointing for me too
I have both consoles and enjoy both, and I was assuming I was getting an Xbox one with my ps4, it was a done deal, was looking forward to it until the reveal, that was such a mess. And not now not after MS shot themselves in the foot with their own arrogance. 500 bucks and can barely do 1080 no thanks.

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QuickdrawMcgraw1822d ago

Does it deserve a break? I know the Xbox fanboys don't.They went from condescending,Bulling,short pants brats who controlled N4Xbox last gen.To whining holier then thou leave the Xbox1 threads alone you bad Sony trolls.

123pol1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

its not that everyone is mean against xbox one . they kinda brought it on their self.. when the give out a console thats 50% weaker than its competition.
ps4 console price 399:- ( they sell it with a loss )
xbox one console price ( not kinect ) 299:- ( dont sell with a loss )

Gorilla_Killa_X1822d ago

It's not 50% weaker. PS4 is 50% stronger but that equals Xbone being 33% weaker. Just saying.

fullymoated1822d ago

I think most blame would go to the dev if this is true. If BF4 can get to 720p then Ghosts with not much going on should easily be at 1080p. Maybe they got messed up by the X1 hardware changes and ESRAM. But this is a joke if they don't hit at least 900p!

kevnb1822d ago

They will show a compressed YouTube comparison and try to fool everyone.

Ps4Console1822d ago

Well if Forza runs at 1080p why is BF & Cod running at 720p it must be the devs .

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Flyingdog6701822d ago

Cod Ghost and now Battlefield 4? Wow, looks like a lot of X1 launch games are gonna be up scaled to 1080p. To be honest, the only game i can think is native 1080p on X1 is Forza 5.

MasterCornholio1822d ago

I'm starting to have my doubt's about Forza 5 as well.

Nexus 7 2013

Flyingdog6701822d ago

Me too, But i think Forza 5 will be native 1080p. Its been in development longer than other X1 games. So it should be native 1080p. But you never know.

jmc88881822d ago

I don't know RYSE has been in development since at least 2010.

strickers1822d ago

It's a jazzed up last gen engine. It should work. It looks pretty but I can't see where the other next gen feature are.

imt5581822d ago

1080p in team sports games ( football, basketball, NFL, hockey... ) on XO. It will be a disaster to have sports games at 720p or 900p on XO.

majiebeast1822d ago

I think the first NBA2K were 1080P on 360 and ps3. If you cant get a sports game 1080P nothing will be 1080P.