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GameXplain played a bunch of Killzone: Shadow Fall! Find out all about our thoughts and impressions of it in this video discussion, where we dive into the game's new mechanics, how it looks on the PlayStation 4, and tons more.

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arbitor3651820d ago

i wouldnt take what these guys are saying seriously. this is a super big nintendo fanboy channel. go check out any other site's look at the game

mdluffy1820d ago

They weren't negative, but stuff like it can be done on the ps3 is nonsense.
This is the best next-gen launch game, impossible to do on the ps3.

brometheos1820d ago

Exactly. The level scale, destructibility, 1080p, solid frame rate, number of AI, graphical fidelity of AI, texture/foliage quality and animation could not be done on PS3. This gen, developers had to pick and choose what they could and could not put in their game, whereas PS4 allows them to include everything. I don't think these guys know much about the technical aspect of video games.

aksmashh1820d ago (Edited 1820d ago )

It was a honest opinion???

I think he meant he wasnt blown away by the graphics, his expectation was higher! An hinted that he wasnt impressed by any launch game

Also he pointed out postives like the owl and lag!!

Its good to hear a different point of view instead of OMG BEST GAME I EVER PLAYED

sigfredod1820d ago

I will like to have their PS3, seems a lot more powerful than mine to handle this, lol

PR_FROM_OHIO1820d ago

Just look at there websites name lol!!!! That's all you need to know! KZSF day 1 for me!

Kingthrash3601820d ago

im all for opinion and i wont judge theirs, but they were making toooooo many fanboy quips for me to take it seriously. its not a bad preview but some comments were comparing it to games like farcry and goldeneye. its killzone a forth game at that how about you compare this to older killzone games? and to say u can do this on ps3 is just a sin.

JuniorCE1820d ago

Impressions made by Nintendo fanboys... Really doesn't matter...

Hufandpuf1820d ago

And if it was positive impressions, would it still count?

Pintheshadows1820d ago (Edited 1820d ago )

Of course not, they are Nintendo fanboys. Their opinions count for nothing either way.

And yes I am joking. I think they'd count either way, if they hadn't been so unprofessional in their delivery. I can't take this seriously I am afraid.

Do you know what bothers me most. Rank amateurs who spout nonsense getting to play games like KZSF early when their knowledge is clearly not deserving. I see it time and time again on Youtube videos. Even on big channels. A lot of them have no bloody clue what they are talking about or can't help but be childish.

That is the state of gaming journalism and a large proportion of the community.

MegaLagann1820d ago (Edited 1820d ago )

Yep, Nintendo fanboys, after all they made a video a few months back talking about how awesome Teraway was. Yep, fanboys. It's not like they have a difference of opinion and instead of being a bigger man you label them as fanboys because how dare someone have a difference of opinion, nope not at all. God console launches bring out the worst in people.

JuniorCE1820d ago

This channel is all about Nintendo... It makes sense those fanboys to say bad things to the PS4 game... Everybody knows that this could be the end of Nintendo with the PS4 and Xbone...

1nsomniac1820d ago

ARGHH I really couldn't make it past the first 2 minutes of the video.

The horrible cheesy music along with the amazingly irritating voices & comments to go along with video that held no correlation to what they were talking about at all... It was horrible!!

Everything about it seemed to come from the very dregs of amateur gaming journalism.

Can anyone highlight what I missed?

aksmashh1820d ago (Edited 1820d ago )

No commentary! Just a very good gameplay clip!!!!

1nsomniac1820d ago

Thanks. That looks awesome, love the destructibility & the way the enemy duck & hide away behind cover.

Bubble up to you sir!

HugoDrax1820d ago

Looks good to me! This will keep me pre occupied until I pickup my other console on 11/22.

BABY-JEDI1820d ago

My first impressions of the commentator was. If the lead character was Zelda he would be wetting himself with excitement. Then I thought, why did he ever bother playing the demo considering that he has no interest in the franchise? Really. Why bother?
James Bond Goldeneye. It's a shooter. Give it a rest. Go play Pikmin & leave the shooters to the big boys

dcj05241820d ago

Well he did play killzone 2 extensivley.

BABY-JEDI1819d ago

I guess I find his general mocking tone quite revealing.

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