Rockstar: GTA V Could Be Too Large for Xbox 360

Rockstar co-founder Sam Houser doesn't know if the next Grand Theft Auto title after IV will properly fit onto the 360's standard-sized discs.

"One of the problems with the 360, and it affects games like Grand Theft Auto if you think about how much content we put in the actual machine, is the fact that they don't have a significantly larger storage medium than the previous systems. It's a slightly bigger DVD disc," Houser told 1up.

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Condoleezza Rice4967d ago

Microsoft messed up with the Arcade version,I own a Premium so I'm set,but there's at least 5-7 million Core 360 owners,and I think Microsoft should find a way to deal with this storage problem asap.

Hagaf224967d ago

i agree, especially considering that microsoft is looking to get deep in to digital downloads. You need space to get digital downloads.

xboxftw4967d ago

First non fanboy comment by rice.

MS should drop the price for both 20 and 120gb to very reasonable price point. offer some kind of rebate or discount for 20gb owners to move to 120gb. I for one will jump on that. Also if devs are asking for manadatory HDD for games then they should not push them not to make it mandatory and let devs create as they will. The arcade is targetted at casual gamers so they wouldn't mind missing out on hardcore games which require HDD.

I for one wouldn't mind installing some games (well once they reduce 120gb price) to experience smooth gameplay for newer and even higher quality games.

DontH8DPlayaH8DConsl4966d ago

smooth gameplay? higher quality games? you do know you have an xbox right?

Shadow Flare4966d ago

A HD console that doesn't use a HD disc.
Stupidest idea ever Microsoft and now its biting you in the ass. But they did it to release the 360 before everyone else didn't they? Oh yeah, but that's where the RROD problem came from too. Xbox 360 would have been a far better console had it been released later

Cicinho4966d ago

Why would anyone really care? Xboxs owners, "true gamers" are going to buy a PS3 anyway. The xbox was just a little taste of HD gaming while they waited for the ps3 to come out. Now that the ps3 is starting to own, its only a matter of time before they all go buy there ps3's.

JsonHenry4966d ago

So put it on more than one disc... where is the problem with that?

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toughNAME4967d ago (Edited 4967d ago )

When the inevitable happens, and the GTA franchise becomes exclusive to the Xbox 360, it looks like they'll have to dumb it down :(

Oh well, I hope Final Fantasy will fit

Breakfast4967d ago

If mgs 4 will fit, so will this.

4967d ago
Clinton5144967d ago

What you're trying to say. Is it supposed to be something like a joke?

Jinxstar4967d ago

You guys put a smile on my face =D

toughNAME4967d ago

Well if Killzone 2 can fit of course MGS4 can. That was just an immature comment Breakfast.

4967d ago
sonarus4967d ago (Edited 4967d ago )

lol you guys are both delusional. Don't you know GTAVII was already confirmed as an exclusive to ps3 sheeesh. It was even confirmed by the official xbox mag

Bonsai12144967d ago

haha. i admire your gallant sarcasm. now if only people can read it as such. some people on this site take things way too seriously.

Rick Astley4967d ago

Final Fantasy XIII will probably be the first PS3 game to use two dual-layered Blu-ray discs. MGS4 was confirmed dual-layered. Killzone 2 will be dual-layered. GTA4 is downgraded garbage thanks to Xbox 360.

You and Breakfast are either in some serious denial or just clearly retarded.

JVIDICAN4967d ago (Edited 4967d ago )

you guys cant notice that bit of sarcasm in their posts?
i didnt think it was that hard to figure out ...

why the dissagrees?
they are being sarcastic its a joke =P

sonarus4967d ago

Yea but these guys do it all the time but people always fall for it. Funny how toughName suddenly came back to his dumbName senses lol

4967d ago
El_Colombiano4967d ago

I can't believe the fact you guys are completely oblivious to what Breakfast and thoughNAME are constantly doing in multiple news threads...*rolls eyes*

Anyway I see you and Breakfast are enjoying your inside "jokes".

GameDev4967d ago

fail to realize is that they have not earned the right or priviledge to jest with PS3 owners. If they had always been good sports and true gamers first then im sure it would be no problem. but man I gotta tell ya some of the stuff I have read from box boys on here is vicioussss, you can sense the hate coming thru their posts. That's pretty bad, anyway when you have shown nothing but vile contempt for the competition don't expect them to "get" your jokes. To act like a jerk and expect good treatment is the definition of delusion.

ZeroXMD4966d ago

I find it very hard to see how bots can be that stupid STILL and think that GTA is going exclusive to xbox. N-E-V-E-R G-O-I-N-G T-O H-A-P-P-E-N-!-!-!-! Did I say it slow enough for you guys? and i'm sorry, i don't see any sarcasm in their posts. He is the umteenth bot to say that GTA is going xbox exclusive. In Their and Microshite's dreams. It's kinda funny that they keep saying that, but it's sadder than it is funny.

Also funny still that M$ tried to say that at E3, but R* had to come out and bichslap them otherwise. it's funny that you try to get giggles by stating stupid idiotic comments like "MGS, FF, GTA are going to/xclusive to xbox" just to get called stupid tards, then laugh about it. You guys are a new breed of Emo, instead of cutting yourselves, you have other people call you tards. then, you have your bot-defense-force buddies come in and say, "Geez, don't you guys see the sarcasm?" when there clearly isn't any sarcasm by the look of it.

seriously, if you are going to flame-bait like that, go to the open zone with your buddies Mart and the other bots.

Is it so much to ask for xbox fanboys to use logic instead of tarded bashing and insults? at least sony boys use logical reasons before they bash. And so you guys know, I own a ps3 but have played equal, if not more, games on the 360 so don't call me a fanboy. I just hate stupid ignorant tards

ForTheFallen4966d ago (Edited 4966d ago )


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DomUltra4967d ago (Edited 4967d ago )

I'm not gonna flame, I'm just saying, IT IS time to come with a better storage device, it DOESN'T have to be Blu-ray, triple layered Dvd' would make the read way to slow, I could see Xbox 360 coming with a standard HDD for all SKU' available, that's the sensible way of going around it. As for Blu-ray storage all together, Microsoft would have to kiss some major Apple/Sony ass.

Edit: What's with the disagree? Even the developers are saying it's time to come up with another idea, whatever, if your gonna disagree at least say why.

JVIDICAN4967d ago

i got an idea!
well use hard drives for games!
500GB games ftw!

im done... 0_o

lawman11084967d ago

and i is a bit of a drag to have to change them from time to time but I belive alot of that is the video clips and FMV they put on them. I think they will go to the bigger dvd....they have to

DomUltra4967d ago

@Lawman, triple layered DVD' are too slow to read off of, especially something as intense as games.

thereapersson4967d ago

Except that if that were to happen, Microsoft would charge more for the HDD than they would for the console, and you would only be able to use that HDD on the system...

Obviously an exaggeration, but then again not far off from the truth

sammy_mantra4967d ago

wow a defective console that is ALREADY BACKDATED

shame on that X360

Gazman4967d ago

tell me about it I got sick of the disc changes and stopped playing it for a bit, ms needs blu ray or bigger discs

TheEndzor4967d ago (Edited 4967d ago )

The pace of Evolution in terms of Next gen Consoles

Everyday news comes out on what developers plan for the games and the consoles as well

This isn't the video gaming from 15 years ago...

When these next-gen consoles came out it was like a foundation and slowly a house is being built on the foundation.

Each Company had its own goal in mind but its coming down too which machine can evolve quick enough to keep the consumers happy and amazed

Nintendo came out with something entirely different and it worked. Kids mothers Girlfriends love this thing. They may have taken themselves out of the Next-Generation Console race but they are making $$$ But some people say the wii is just a fad. Maybe and people get accustomed to it and the consumers always want something new and better

Microsoft built the 360 based on its first Machine.Obviously more powerful then its predecessor but it kept the same specs more or less so that developers could make quality games early since they already have the experience on making games on the xbox. Live has been going good for them but that is about it

Sony built the PS3 based on Next gen Tech. Cell processor/Blu-Ray etc.. Developers had and are still having trouble developing games on this system. Once Developer's become fully experienced on working on the system jaws will drop on the quality of games in my opinion. PSN is finally getting better.

But the question is what about tomorrow? A question has been raised here with this article. GTA V probably will not Fit on MS DVD format. How will MS evolve its machine to meet the pace of developers and consumers? What will they do?

Sony with its next gen tech is more then capable of meeting Tomorrow but i honestly don't see the 360 doing that. the PS3 was released "way ahead of its time" and the gaming world is catching up to it whereas Xbox is slowly becoming "Way ahead of Yesterday" and will slowly become obsolete in tomorrows world/ Nintendo is out of the picture as they are in its own league with a different market.

just my 2 cents

leon764967d ago


Pain4966d ago (Edited 4966d ago )

PS3 EveryThing FTW!!!

See and we have More proof that 'GTA 4' Is and Was held back because of Xbox 2

Bet u kids wish Sony had released first so M$ could Copy a REAL System.

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OJ_juice4967d ago

rockstar just burned you and your failing machine. Hurry up and get blu ray in there or GTA5 is going nowhere but ps3.

lawman11084967d ago

After they see the $$$$$$$$$$ numbers the 360 puts up. This could be a 3 million day one on the 360, HALO and Gears type numbers.

sammy_mantra4967d ago

why do you even dare to shout XBVUTT

that trash box 3 FIX ME is dead . YOu will burn your own house with that SMOKE BOX 3 BURN ME

mikeslemonade4967d ago

But if GTA5 is only an minor upgrade from GTA4 it will piss people off like how Madden is doing. EA could make way more money on Madden if it was a better game instead Activision has taken over EA as the leading profiter.

DrDreadlox4967d ago

Question: Wat do you do if you want to buy a console to play gta4? Do you buy a 360 and then get the dlc, and risk not getting gta5, or do you buy a ps3 and enjoy gta4 and still be able to play gta5 in future.

I think this is a good point that every gta fan should know about, and sony should be using it as a selling point for gta4 on ps3

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