GameSpy: UEFA Euro 2008 Preview

GameSpy writes: "Aside from the World Cup, there are few soccer tournaments that captivate fans as much as the European Cup Tournament, or Euro. Since it takes place every four years, it keeps those great rivalries, like Holland and Germany or Italy and France, alive two years after the previous World Cup. Of course, EA's got another licensed title to celebrate the occasion. UEFA Euro 2008 is out on the other side of the pond and the demo's up in both Xbox Live Marketplace and the PlayStation Store. We've been tinkering around with some near-final code here in our offices, and though we have a few reservations, it's getting us excited for the tournament's June 7th kick-off."

-Be a Pro gets spiced up
-Goal celebrations
-Online integration sounds promising

-Uglier than FIFA 08 in some regards
-Ultimately, it's got a pretty limited shelf life

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