How Daydreams and Videogames Can Make Us Confident In Real Life (Yes)

In the realm of video games, the level of challenge and reward rises proportionately with a gamer’s skills; moving forward always requires concentrated effort, but the next goal is never completely out of reach. This contributes to what author, futurist, and game designer Jane McGonigal calls “urgent optimism”: the desire to act immediately to tackle an obstacle, motivated by the belief that you have a “reasonable hope of success.”

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HighResHero3266d ago (Edited 3266d ago )

Decent article with some valuable information. Though it's a little bit flat and nothing many of us aren't already entirely familiar with.

GentlemenRUs3266d ago

I use Dreams and Daydreams to design levels for games which I think would work out nicely...

And it does ;)

Ripsta7th3266d ago

I dnt think this is acuarate. The only thing i beleive will boost your confindence is going out and socializing, forcing yourself to talk to people.but when you have a job this is much easier as everyone just talks to eachother out of boredom lol

thehobbyist3266d ago

Confidence is a matter of self perception not an accumulation of socialization.

Dante813266d ago

The only thing that will boost your confidence is either being good at shit or massively ignorant, or both.

Ripsta7th3266d ago

Well a video game wont boost your confidence thats forsure, it gives you a sense of acomplishment but thats about it

BrianSharon3266d ago

Does a story like this require an infinite amount of hardware tags? It this not what the Culture tag is specifically made for?