10 Best Superhero Video Games Of All Time

These are the 10 best superhero/comic-book video games ever to be made (at least in our opinion).

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Venox20081843d ago

not a bad list, I am adding:

Viewtiful joe 1 & 2
Spiderman and venopm: maximum carnage

TheFutureIsBlue1842d ago

View-ti-ful JOE! I didn't feel like going through the list but if it wasn't on there then: Incredible Hulk Ultimate Destruction. The Incredible Hulk is my favorite Marvel character and it was bada$$.

RBlue_Desire1843d ago

Prototype 1? Anti- Superhero anyone? No?

Sizzon1843d ago

Nice list

my favorites are Batman: Arkham Asylum and Infamous 2

WeAreLegion1843d ago

How does Marvel: Ultimate Alliance beat inFamous 2? And Arkham Asylum over Arkham City? What?