Retro Review: Resident Evil 2 | GamR Mag

Eric from GamR Mag writes: "Resident Evil 2 is more than just a hallmark of survival horror; it’s a game that should forever be remembered as a title with something to prove. With authentic survival mechanics, strategically placed scares, an excellent soundtrack, and an approach to playing a main story mode that still stands out as unique even amongst modern games, Resident Evil 2 ought to be in everyone’s game library."

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PoSTedUP1821d ago

such an epic game, im actually in the process of replaying RE3 through remote play on the vita. for me its either old RE's or No RE's.

Dante811821d ago

Playing this game on release was one of the best gaming times I've ever had.

bigboss19901821d ago

My child hood memorys lol love this game best resident evil ever much better than the crap capcom give you now this is 10/10 :) love it

KillerPwned1821d ago

Nothing better then playing this for the first time and almost shitting my pants when the zombies crash through Kendo's Gun Shop.

2pacalypsenow1821d ago

last good RE game for me was RE 0