Xbox One Exclusive Crimson Dragon Gets New 1080p Screenshots; Looks Lovely

Microsoft Game Studios just released a triplet of new screenshots of Yukio Futatsugi’s Xbox One exclusive Crimson Dragon, that will be released at the same time as the console on November the 22nd.

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Software_Lover1870d ago

If it plays like ORTA then I'm down.

christocolus1870d ago

yeah orta was really great..

UltimateMaster1869d ago (Edited 1869d ago )

This game was supposed to be on 360.
This was one of the games I was interested in getting, but I didn't wanted a kinect only game.
But now the kinect is optional, I might just this pick up.
The images are awesome btw.

Fireseed1870d ago

Missed this type of game so much, Orta was great but if only they could replicate what made Saga awesome! :D

Mystogan1870d ago

They told us that if this game is successful enough. they will make a Crimson Dragon RPG!!!

Christopher1870d ago

Ugh. I hate that type of "buy in" attempt.

"If FFXIII sells really well, we'll do an HD remake of FFVII!"

Please, there's already an audience for the games, just make it or don't. Don't force us to buy what may turn out to be a mediocre game just to keep you funded. You want to stay funded? Make games we want to buy.

dansdooz1870d ago

Sexy! As a fan of panzer dragoon and much loved sega Saturn owner looking forward to this one!

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