Final Fantasty XV: What's Changed With the Switch to Next-Gen

Its release date is unknown. No one knows what year or day, but we do know that we have yet to see the final series installment. The creation of Final Fantasy XV is underway, and developers have innovative ideas in store for this brand-new addition to the series.

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DigitalRaptor1842d ago

I think they can afford the game to look a lot better now and have the open-world freedom they were initially going for. That 8GB of RAM must be a huge relief for Nomura on the ambition of the game.

It must be almost complete by now. I'm thinking 2014 release for FFXV and 2015-16 for KH3.

neocores1842d ago

Nope 2015-2017 we will see these 2games

hay1840d ago (Edited 1840d ago )

Well... We have seen it sleep a generation, despite the "coming soon" reasurring. It's not entirely impossible to see it multiplat on PS5/Xbox...Two(?).

But I bet no sooner than 2015. After minimum of 9 years. This has to be good.

colonel1791842d ago

Worthless article. It doesn't say anything new and it doesn't say anything about what has changed with next gen.

Becuzisaid1842d ago

Has it ever been confirmed by anyone at SE that at least part of this game will take place outside of this city? I would like to think that the city from the trailers/gameplay is just like Midgar - huge, but nothing compared to the rest of the game. But I think I remember reading a lot of things that said that the game takes place exclusively within the boundaries of the city.

KingKelloggTheWH1842d ago

There is multiple cities,as well as areas outside of them.
Heck we've seen them in trailers.