Interview with Octodad level designer Majdi Badri.

Platform Nation, and Talking About Games team up to bring you an awesome interview with Octodad Level Designer Majdi Badri.

During our interview, we will talk about the early days of Young Horses, Inc, the inspiration for Octodad, and what it’s like to develop a Video Game for the Playstion 4.

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Garethvk1845d ago

It is a fun and tricky game. I told my wife about it after E3 and when we were covering PAX we went in during the Press Hour before they open and spent our time with Sony. She loved it and kept going back to play all throughout the weekend.

boribori8311845d ago

Love how people dont mind that PS are going for casuals .I dont mind I play it all.but dont crucify others and then accept it when it happens to you.

boribori8311845d ago

I like casaul gaming.makes it better for my gf to accept video games.

ATi_Elite1845d ago

I saw PGR and immediately thought Project Gotham Racing

what ever happened to that series?

joebeta1844d ago

I'm waiting for a next-gen Project Gotham game.