Battlefield 4 Helicopter Unlockables Guide

Gameranx writes: "We have a spiffy new image gallery showing off the unlockables for Attack and Scout Helicopters in Battlefield 4. We’ll also share details below, so if will have a hard time reading the pics where you’re browsing this right now, no worries."

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Pascalini1844d ago

At rare sight on here

An article that's actually useful without baiting and trolling using made up rumours

I guess it won't get many replies then

TacticAce1844d ago

Why put a picture of a Apache if its not in the game. It makes me feel worst that its not in lol.

sovietsoldier1844d ago

i like the new selection of rockets for attack chopper. hope they give planes the same options.

Kyosuke_Sanada1844d ago

I hope they balance out the ECM Jammer especially if AA missles wont be allowed to lock on to low flying helicopters.

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