The Crew Interview: Ubisoft Boasts Massive Scale And Blurred Lines []

Dealspwn writes: The Crew is set to let us race through a massive open world on next-gen consoles and PC, at least, when it finally releases. To find out more about the ambitious proposition, I sat down with product manager Charles-Arthur Bourget earlier this year to learn more about what the exciting project has to offer - both in terms of raw scale and its innovative attempt to move the boundary between singleplayer and multiplayer.

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Pascalini1845d ago

Get it out for release then hurry

hiptanaka1845d ago

Always-online = no purchase from me.

Otherwise, if you want to make it an MMO without a single-player/campaign, don't charge $60 for it.

Redempteur1845d ago

When does MMOs without a subcription cost less than 60$ ?