Crytek Comments On PS4's GPU Compute, Can Be An 'Incredible Performance Win'

"Sony have emphasized a lot on the GPU compute capabilities of the PlayStation 4. But the question is, will multiplatform games explore this added advantage on the PS4?"

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ThatCanadianGuy5141819d ago ShowReplies(3)
Thatguy-3101819d ago

Again, Sony's First-party studios will showcase the ps4 power just like they did this Gen. Multiplatform games won't do the hardware justice. Just simply look at Infamous Second Son or The Order. Both games are truly looking like Next Gen titles. Imagine what the likes of ND, QD, SSM, MM would do.

jjb19811819d ago

Exactly. I can't wait until we get something from naughty dog and Santa Monica studios. The order looks really interesting.

Anarki1819d ago

What about the current graphic "kings" Crytek themselves? They could produce some stunning visuals with the PS4.

pixelsword1819d ago

Crytek are graphic kings when they can tell you what hardware they recommend you to use; they aren't when it comes to optimizing, that's for sure.

JoSneak1819d ago

don't forget about Everybody's gone through the Rapture!!!

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1818d ago

Crytek may be the king of graphics, but their reign starts and ends there. Terrible at just about everything else.

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thehitman1819d ago

I think multiplatform games will be much closer then this gen between 1st and 3rd party then we think. I think the easier architecture will do wonders and developers wont hold back. I think the biggest differences we will see this gen is with open world games like Watchdogs, The Division etc. However at the start ya we will probably see much better games from first party but after the 3 year mark I expect things to be very close and we will be focusing on gameplay more this gen rather than what game has the better specs. Unless you have a xb1 ofc....

AyKKon1819d ago

You guys DO love some nice omnipresent FOG don't you? :P

Ju1819d ago

There is really no reason why multi platform titles would not run the full resolution on the PS4. It is not like the XBone code will work out of the box on the PS4 anyhow. The Xbone will need special treatment to take advantage of the ESRAM - this code is useless on the PS4. And with that said, all that additional memory management is unnecessary which will allow those games to render in any resolution a dev wants. PS4 will run 1080 without much effort. Unless policies dictate otherwise.

LordDhampire1819d ago

Honestly people are making too big a deal out of 720p vs 1080p...its not a huge diffference...yeah you can get more on the screen but you could have better graphics with a lower resolution like 720p

showtimefolks1819d ago

3rd party wise it will come down to whether developers will looking to take full advantage of each system to just do enough on both to make the game similar on every both consoles

just look at some of the games that are doing 1080p-60 fps on ps4 yet on xbox one doing 720 with 30fps, if 3rd party developers actually look to do what's best for each console than we will not see a big difference between 1st-3rd party games

but i think when you focus all your resources on one machine and focus on that than those games will always look better, so i think we can expect sony's studios and ms's too, deliver excellent exclusives

sony's ps4 is gamer friendly and more powerful
xbox one is a bit weaker compare to ps4 but has all in one entertainment package

snipab8t1819d ago

Oh you've seen gameplay of the Order?

christrules00411818d ago

The trailer we have seen is in game engine and Ready at Dawn said they waited for the PS4 so they could do character models 1 to 1 with gameplay. The graphics was running on the PS4 with no tricks and is what we can expect visuals wise.

snipab8t1818d ago

I don't know if you have seen the screenshots but they look nothing like the CG trailer mate.

r1sh121818d ago

I think this article is obvious flame bait.

"However, this is taking away performance from the traditional graphics pipeline so there is a limit to what you can move to the GPU."

I see this as meaning Sony may have invented a new method of programming for GPU compute - right?
Could be a different industry in a few years

Chrischi19881818d ago

It is funny, how you say, that is a fact, but then all the Sony fannies act like, why do Wii U titles not look better, than the respective PS3 and Xbox360 versions?

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lifeisgamesok1819d ago

ESram even if it is harder to work with it gives high performance judging from

Quantum Break
Dead Rising 3
The Fighter Within

In time developers will get used to it and make games that look even better than Ryse

majiebeast1819d ago

Dead Rising 3
The Fighter Within


majiebeast1819d ago (Edited 1819d ago )

Somebody woke up on the wrong side of the bed. If you think Fighter within and Dead Rising 3 look amazing, you need to take the goggles off.

Driveclub looks amazing you can try and deny that all you want. Btw where did i say Knack looks amazing i cant find it, does the game look fun yes, does it look amazing, nope. We are talking about how a game looks not how fun it is.

Dead Rising 3 looks really fun im not gonna say otherwise, fighter within looks like the same old Kinect shovelware from the demos they have shown.

Xsilver1819d ago (Edited 1819d ago )

fighter within

Dr3 does not look Next gen period fun gameplay yes.
Fighter within looks good but we have all seen that kinect gameplay don't act like it doesn't exist reminds me of fighter uncaged and that's not a good thing.

G20WLY1819d ago

^Dat Dead Rising 3 screenshot...yikes.. :/

starchild1819d ago

Freaking console fanbrats...

"Oh Dead Rising 3 looks amazing"
"no it doesn't. It doesn't look 'next genz'"
"Drive Club looks amazing. Da true next genz"

"we don't care about graphics! Go away, you PC graphics whore!"

Seriously, you guys act like children. All of those games look very good. The small differences between games on each console are nothing compared to the difference in graphics you get on a good PC.

Baka-akaB1819d ago

And you guys chiming in with the pc makes it more mature ? Nope , just eager to rub it in with the pc , for some odd reason , when as usual not invited to their sandbox playground

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sAVAge_bEaST1819d ago

Don't forget that time to triangle son.. Dat time to triangle.

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Angels37851819d ago

You need to learn about something called "theoretical performance" and "real world performance" heck the HD5970 use to be the fastest graphics card in the world based on "theoretical performance" but it wasn't exactly all to practical when it came to "real world performance" and its performance in games was underwhelming for the specs it boasted. There is a blog dissecting the xbox on hardware here on n4g that also explains this.

Deadpoolio1819d ago

Oh you sad sad little Xbot....YOu clearly know nothing about computers do ya....No EsRAM is NOT the same thing as GDDR5 nor is it going to "bridge the gap" and help make the DDR3 just like GDDR5

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1819d ago

lifeisgamesok + 3h ago
ESram even if it is harder to work with it gives high performance judging from

Quantum Break
Dead Rising 3
The Fighter Within

In time developers will get used to it and make games that look even better than Ryse

Marked for trolling and i wish i could also do immature.. You dont know what your talking about... But i guess you already know that.

Perjoss1818d ago

The only games that look impressive for this coming gen (excluding PC stuff) are Killzone and Forza, and like I said before its not hard to make a track driving game look good for many reasons, pretty much a fixed camera position and the gameplay is semi on rails so there is a lot of data that can be loaded and offloaded into memory, its why these days you cant really do an instant restart in a race as the starting section of the track needs to be loaded up again.

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JuniorCE1819d ago

That's no surprise LoL... Everybody knows that PS4 has a much more powerful GPU than the Xbone's...

kingduqc1819d ago

I love how much more is used here... 40% Isn't much more powerful...

200-250%, now we are talking. Kinda like a 290x vs a ps4 gpu. about 200-225% difference.

Deadpoolio1819d ago

Wait wait wait....So somehow magically 40-60% more powerful suddenly is not big deal.....Yet you microsoft spunk gargling nitwits praised Jesus when Microsoft claimed to boost the power of the One80 by 6%.....6%.......I think you xbots need to go back to elementary school and learn basic math again because 40-60% is LARGER than 6%

kingduqc1819d ago

Nope... 35-40% isn't a big deal. All games can be made on both platform, resolution can be a bit lower but it does not change the core of the game.

Ju1819d ago (Edited 1819d ago )

You'd rather see it from the XBox side and say the PS4 GPU is 145% faster? That number looks better, now, doesn't it? And that is raw compute performance, not counting bandwidth advantage.

And...if that doesn't matter...all the games can be made to run on PS360 as well. What's the point?

Perjoss1818d ago

"resolution can be a bit lower but it does not change the core of the game."

Sure, but please explain to me why on earth I would pay the same price for a game and play an inferior version. In fact the One costs more than the PS4 and it offers inferior tech. They need to smell what they are trying to shovel.

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Software_Lover1819d ago

How has this jumped to 250 degrees already? It only has 17 comments. Other worthy articles, some actually with more comments aren't even 100.

They sure know how to keep the hits coming, and yes, I am aware that I am here.