More Killzone Shadow Fall Multiplayer Forest Map Footage

Dual Pixels - A yet to be named, as far as I know, Killzone: Shadow Fall multiplayer map that mirrors the single player forest we've seen in single-player previews has just gotten more quality footage.

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Blackdeath_6631821d ago

map looks to be of a decent size was concerned that most of the multiplayer footage we have seen so far was of fast paced smaller maps

AO1JMM1821d ago (Edited 1821d ago )

Same here. Day one and it is already in my queue on the PSN store.


DoomeDx1821d ago

lol at the first few seconds. (00:34)

Were people really trying to climb the ladder by looking up? Come on this is Killzone. You always have to press a button to climb a ladder.

nades_all_night1821d ago

Absolutely gorgeous. My LCD Bravia may need replaced after seeing all these awesome LEDs Sony is showcasing gameplay on. Nov 15 is right around the corner now. I can smell ISA blood!

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1821d ago

You Higs seem to never learn your lesson.

Oschino19071821d ago (Edited 1821d ago )

LEDs are LCD tvs. LEDs are just used for the backlighting instead of the old style Cold-Cathode Fluorescent Lamps.

Now edge lit led and full array led are the 2 most common led lcd tvs. (organic) OLEDs are now becoming more common also.

Main advantages are slimmer size, deeper blacks and more vibrant colors. Also LEDs tend to be more durable and use less energy/produce less heat.

I had a Sony XBR7 for KZ2 (ccfl lcd) which was top of the line at the time. That broke around when KZ3 came out but tv prices went up (net and 3d standard on high end models) so warranty only got me a Sony HX800 (3d edge lit led lcd). Last year I got a Sony XBR-HX929 (3d full array led lcd) though to go with other tv and a 2nd ps3. I feel confident it will happily gorge on ps4 games making them look even better until OLED 4k comes down to a reasonable price.

Dacapn1821d ago

I just bought a plasma and got the best of everything. After having a plasma then owning an LED, then back to plasma, I cannot go back to LED ever till those OLED prices get reasonable.

VaporCell1821d ago

I got a new Sony KDL47w802a for the display lag to play shooters. Feels just like playing on a monitor its amazing :>

Thatguy-3101821d ago

It's scary to think what first party developers will do with the hardware in the coming years. All I know is that I'm ready. This title looks simply gorgeous. The 15th is just right around the corner!

ssj271821d ago (Edited 1821d ago )

nice! in this video you can see how there is no auto aim in the mp gameplay.. this game seemed like a cod n... lol

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The story is too old to be commented.