Xbox One Ad Campaign Beginning To Look A Lot Like Sony’s

IDT writes: "Pretty neat ad all around. It captures the spirit of why so many of us love video games: the escape. Boring jobs, boring school and boring chores are just obstacles in the way of gaming bliss. But, Xbox fanboy that I am, I couldn't shake the feeling that ad seemed strangely familiar."

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JoGam1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

OMG...I thought it was just me. LOL. I didn't want to say anything and come off as a fanboy. But yes I agree. Its similar to Sony's.

-Foxtrot1822d ago

Just because you had an opinion like that doesn't mean you would come off as a fanboy. I really feel like people on here are scared to put forward their opinions because they are scared of being called for it. I mean people abusing the bubble system over this doesn't help aswell

Trust me it takes a lot more to be called a fanboy, if you said something like "XBOX ONE SUCKS....SONY 4 EVER" then fair enough.

Muffins12231822d ago

Honestly i don't think their similar,i feel like sony's has more of a personal touch to the gamer while Microsoft seems to be having a family type of vibe from it,"all in one entertainment box",etc.

JoGam1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

Dude I've been on this site for years now and I've learn a lot from these fanboys on the site. Its not that I'm afraid to voice my opinion its that I know when to speak and when not to speak. Sometimes saying something at the wrong time can come off as Fanboyish when its not my intent. Going into a Xbox related article showing the new ad and just saying they are copying Sony would have came off as fanboyish and I didn't feel like going through that ish at the time.


Angels37851822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

Its a marketing tactic (and a very good one) Not to come off as biased but the tactic is generally used for similar association. Which is not surprising considering Microsofts marketing team has generally been doing tis when advertising their Surface tablet in a similar fashion to the old Apple commercials (Which quite honestly is ingenious because Apple already had brilliant marketing for sub par technology).

They make you feel like you are part of something grand. This is very similar in many respects to sony's type of "Gamer centric in reality" advertising, but they also seem to want to mix that with the feeling of "Apple exclusivity" (it really is quite brilliant advertising) by "inviting you" like its only for certain people.

One thing is clear though...Microsoft clearly have the bigger budget because It seems they took sonys ad and amped it up xD

-Alpha1822d ago


There's nothing wrong with that. They did a good job showing off footage from games, while explaining and showing everything else that they are trying to be. The gamers see Ryse, Forza, and Titanfall, the person who likes entertainment sees movies.

hakeem09961822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

So the company that advertises the hell out of everything they have is stealing Ideas from the company who barely advertises anything.The advertisement had nothing to do with Sony ,i think it's more reminiscent of the WII commercial "we would like to play"
MS always has better advertisement than Sony's and this was one of them.

deafdani1822d ago

Really? On this site, you only need to say something positive about Microsoft to get disagreed to hell. However, if you say something positive about Sony, you usually will get tons of agrees.

I agree with you in that nobody should be afraid to express their opinion freely (as long as it's put forward in a civilized manner), but come on, you know pretty well that this site is filled for the most part by awful fanboys and haters. No wonder some people would thread carefully here. The bubble system sucks.

stuna11822d ago


Well said, as far as people not commenting because they're are under duress of being called or labeled a fanboy.

Some people comment because they see something that others are unable to see or just refuse to see.

OT: Microsoft is seeing the benefit of Sonys stance on things! Maybe?

L-DOT-_REAPER_1822d ago

its just here its all the sites but i like this site the most everybody is mature and relaxed mostly

-Foxtrot1822d ago


"Some people comment because they see something that others are unable to see or just refuse to see."

Exactly, either that or they refuse to see it. Doesn't mean your automatically wrong for having that kind of opinion unless it was something like "I thought Aliens CM was an good game" then it's going to be like "REALLY? COME ON" lol


"Really? On this site, you only need to say something positive about Microsoft to get disagreed to hell. However, if you say something positive about Sony, you usually will get tons of agrees."

It's just whatever is happening at the minute. Back in 2006/2007 the roles were reversed and if you said anything about Sony you were disagreed to death.

The reason why it's like this now is because Sony have turned it around while Microsoft has turned into a bunch of arseholes who don't care about us (a totally different story altogether).

Fact is the reason why this site SEEMS like a pro Sony site is because the people who ARE NOT Sony fanboys can see that Sony are doing something right, more then Microsoft and I don't know about you but you have to praise someone when they do things right. If we never complained back in 2006 when the PS3 first came out then Sony wouldn't of worked on improving the PS3 and their next gen console but the company it's self aswell.

To be honest I don't even know why we have a disagree button on this site, if you agree with someone you should click the agree button if you don't then you don't. The worst part is when people disagree with you and don't comment on why they disagree, like below I've disagreed with ape007 but I wrote a comment on why.

Although saying that some people on here when replying to a comment they see differently, you know when you see something other people don't tend to give off a personal attack vibe and end up being a dick about it.

Ripsta7th1822d ago

On this site is the other way around, they are scared of talking good about the X1 in fears of being bubbled down by the Sony clan

Hellsvacancy1822d ago

I'm not afraid, I say pretty much what I think, minus the profanity

4Sh0w1822d ago

No if anything it reminds me of micros Halo live action trailers minus the humor and more so they look like the old COD trailers with Kobe and actors all playing charachters in a real game setting.

Sono4211822d ago

Isn't imitation the greatest form of flattery? ;)

But seriously I think this is actually a great commercial.. way better then that idiotic NFL one that probably confused consumers more than anything else.

Withdreday1822d ago

Jeez...Can't MS do ANYTHING original?

ZBlacktt1822d ago

LOL, yeah I know all about this and I'll continue to speak my mind. :D

VENOMACR12271821d ago

How are the two similar? Because there is a car racing? I dont see the similarities at all. I dont think PS4 commercial featured soccer, movies, or a giant robot. Think they are both different. Both are good although the Xbox commercial I like better.

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BX811822d ago

I thought it was better than sony's. I give sony more props for doing way better adds than last gen.

assdan1822d ago

I mean, they're definitely similar. But it's not like live action isn't ever used. That being said, it's usually sony that employs live action for advertising. And also, let's NOT look at the launch ads for the ps360 because both were weird as hell lol.

Automatic791822d ago

Both show off games. So many would assume they are similar but the pitches are perfect for each systems strengths. Xbox One day one.

n4rc1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

I've yet to see a Xbox ad.. But I have to admit.. I love Sony ads

From Kevin butler to that newest gow one.. And this perfect day ad for the ps4.. Really enjoy them

Xbox had that awesome gears ad with the mad world song.. That was really popular but I honestly can't think of another Xbox commercial. Lol

OK.. Just watched the x1 ad and it was pretty good.. Touched on kinect etc..

Good start for both.. Keep em coming..

TheGrimReaper00111822d ago

While it may be alot like sony's, I really dont mind ads like this
They look cool and are 1000000 times better than the same old ad where an oddly aranged family plays in a plain house and they all start to play. No wait, one person plays and the others laugh and pretend to enjoy it.
So yeah, more ads like this

Shake_Zula1822d ago

As I was watching, I realized that the youtube video was higher resolution that all of the game's star titles. Because you know... X1... is all... about the...
...GAMES (next gen of course).

Turkishflavor1821d ago

Wtf Are You talking about? Ugly sony fanboy.

HALO, FORZA, COD, NBA 2K14 etc all will be 1080p at Launch.

so STFU, stupid fanboy

Shake_Zula1821d ago

Turk, I don't think you have all your facts straight. Maybe you need to do some research. I find it quite funny how little Ryse makes it into these retaliations anymore. I will likely be the best looking game at launch. Oh, and while we are talking about launches, when does HALO come out. BTW, I love playing Halo.

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ape0071822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

waaaaaaay better than sony's ad imo

-Foxtrot1822d ago

Not really, least Sony didn't need Steven racist Gerard and Zachary Quinto in their trailers.

Seemed like they were trying a bit too hard

ape0071822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

X1's ad felt intense, in your face, had Steven Gerrard, Robot was cool, ryse spot was awesome

sony's ad was very awkward imo, two guys fighting throwing each other and singing??? cheesy as hell

Wizziokid1822d ago

I think they do that so people spot them and go "omg they support the xbox I want it more now".

It's tactics at the end of the day. I prefer them not to do that though.

-Foxtrot1822d ago

"sony's ad was very awkward imo, two guys fighting throwing each other and singing??? cheesy as hell"

It represents a bro-mance between two friends who love to game with each other. The trailer shows you what you probably have with your friend or friends and it tried to recapture that to show you that gaming will always be there. The singing kind of reminded me of a JD and Turk bro-mance from Scrubs

1822d ago
mxrider21991822d ago

@anialator i thinks that was the point that even though they are not perfect hence the bad singing and the flipping of the car, it is still a perfect day for them to play those kick ass games together

Hellsvacancy1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

"had Steven Gerrard" lol, like that matters to anyone other than a Liverpool supporter, do you think a Man United or an Arsenal fan would want to see that? I BIG chunk of the budget for that advert would of gone to Stevie Gerrad and Zachary Quinto

I agree with the silly singing on Sonys advert, I didn't like it, but the two adverts are VERY similar

WeAreLegion1822d ago

Their singing in the ad was better than Lou Reed, the original artist. That man can write a song, but he cannot sing to save his life. And I was JUST about to mention JD and Turk!

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Kayant1822d ago

The one in the article (Not the greatness awaits) I agree some what but not this --->

I would say they're pretty even & great.

majiebeast1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

It could use a lot less come on terrible music choice for the ad. Also nobody outside the UK cares about Steven Gerard and i dont think anyone ever cared for Zachary Quinto. They couldnt get Messi like Samsung now that ad is amazing not because of Messi.

moegooner881822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

Am I the only one who thinks Quinto is actually a good actor :/, very weird choice for such ad thu.

Wizziokid1822d ago

Well it's not a bad thing to make them like Sony's, they are amazing after all.

Especially the one which goes through the generations of playstation. masterpiece

Thatguy-3101822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

The thing I like about Sony's strategy is that ever since the reveal they been promoting the ps4 by bringing back the good memories of the ps1&2. They dominated that era and a lot of us grew up with them. In my opinion, Sony has been using that as an advantage and the recent playstation memories ad kicked it out of the park. The crazy part is that it wasn't because of the games/services but because of the meaning behind it. Sony's marketing team have been amazing so far and better than the early ps3 ads.

Turkishflavor1821d ago

Where Are The games then?

PS4 has NO GAMES :(


Thatguy-3101822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

Ahhh water balloon fights!! Damn how fun was it being a kid back then. On topic, I agree on how Microsoft is taking Sony's approach in marketing the Xbox one as a game console first. I'm not getting one any time soon but the trailer was good to watch and the titanfall piece was pretty cool.

JoGam1822d ago

Agreed. If they copied Sony's or not Both ad's look great and did the job they intended to do. Both PS4 and Xbone should be excited.

ThatCanadianGuy5141822d ago

Xbox has adverts? Haven't seen a single one.

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