The Sims 4 Will Release in Fall 2014 - Here's What To Do In The Meantime

Hitting the news this week was EA Games' announcement that The Sims 4 will not be released until "Fall 2014". One full year of waiting. What to do until then?

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GentlemenRUs1821d ago

Does anyone still play the sims now?

I kind of went off the game after the 2nd one which came to the PS2... Though I do own the 3rd game on Origin thanks to that Humble Bundle.

SuperBlur1821d ago

Yea man otherwise they wouldn't be able to pump out so many dlc's.

I bought Sims 3 along with quite a few DLC for my gf but i would be lying to say i don't like the game.
Fun part is how every gf's i've had who played it, always try to recreate their life and when i took over the control , i would make my guy Woo every girl in town and i'd get these "Oh no you didn't" Eyes from the gf, watching me.

ATi_Elite1820d ago

The Sims 3:

PC = 6.57m
Wii = 1.20m
PS3 = 1.09m
X360 = 1.24m

That's over 10 million Sims 3 players so YEAH people still play the Sims.