Feature: The Third Place - A Brief History of PlayStation Hardware Marketing

Push Square: "With the PlayStation 4 now mere weeks away from release, Sony is starting to oil its marketing cogs ahead of the all-important holiday season. The next generation console has sold out on pre-orders alone, but the platform holder will want to ensure that every single gamer around the globe is aware of its latest piece of hardware. To enable that, it’s already released two commercials, each targeting a distinctly different audience. The dramatic ‘Perfect Day’ spot is designed to build upon the firm’s ‘Greatness Awaits’ campaign, as it attempts to turn next month’s North American launch into a colossal event. Meanwhile, SCEE’s much more muted ‘For the Players’ commercial is built to pluck at the heartstrings of fans, as it champions the brand’s ever evolving place at the centre of popular culture. With the next generation fast approaching, though, we figured that it was a perfect time to look back at how the Japanese giant has advertised its various systems over the years. Sit back while we take you on a trip through some of the best and worst hardware commercials from PlayStation’s past."

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