Destiny of Spirits Beta Summons up Some Gravity Rush

Prior to the launch of the Destiny of Spirits Beta SCEJA had hinted cameos of a pair of mysterious PlayStation Icons, Toro (Doko Demo Issyo) and Kat (Gravity Rush). Toro and his pals from Doko Demo Issyo were available from day one of the beta, but as of today Destiny of Spirits is summoning up some Gravity Rush.

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majiebeast1846d ago (Edited 1846d ago )

I want Kat but i only got that damn Oldman twice, i do have 2 different Toro's though.

If anybody in beta wants to trade my name ingame is Majesticbeast.

My impressions so far
Game is pretty enjoyable for a F2P game spending money doesnt seem extremely forced but does help, because you can get destiny orbs by doing daily challenges. Further more Super rares and rares can be obtained without destiny orbs just a smaller chance only thing that cant be bought with normal summoning orbs are these special event summons like Toro and Gravity Rush. You can get Destiny orbs with daily challenges and a survey i had 530 so far. Best use for them is to expand the capacity of your spirit roster IMO. Raid bosses seems like and intresting concept. Further more the spirit design is bar none some of the best art i have seen. I actually hope they make this into a cardgame ala Hearthstone for PS4/Vita.

fsfsxii1846d ago (Edited 1846d ago )

How did you get into the beta??

My region counts in EU, bummer cause my sub just ran out. Thanks though.

majiebeast1846d ago

On PS+ Europe and i think they gave keys away in the us maybe they still are, dont know how asian region got it.

PrimeGrime1845d ago

Was kind of on the fence about this game but I actually am enjoying it. I love the artwork, it is presented better and way more engaging than I imagined it would be.

I am in the U.S. and got a key for being a PS+ member if anyone was wondering.