Insomniac Wants Devs to Share Technology

The idea of a AAA developer going out and sharing its technology with other developers for no reason other than to just do it seems like a silly notion from a crazed message board poster. But that's exactly what Insomniac Games, developer of Ratchet & Clank and Resistance, is doing with its Nocturnal Initiative.

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pharmd3830d ago

its only fair, they had the balls to share with everyone else, now everyone else isnt gonna do the same...... LAME

sonarus3830d ago

Thats just it. People will just peep their stuff and say thats nice but they won't give anything back. But at the end of the day though it still helps the ps3. Hopefully more ps3 developers chip in and do the same. Guerilla games, naughty dog and the rest of the sony crew.

Bleucrunch3829d ago

Good for you Insomniac.....cant wait for RFOM2


this benefits all in the end. especially US, the players.

f4t41_ph4nt0m3830d ago

Instead of arguing as fanboys (or not) about which games look and play better. It would be more ideal for us as gamers to debate on the concepts,uniqueness, or overall production and implementation of ideas that the game brings.

Seraphim3830d ago

It would be great if more developers shared how to, and the tech they create to certain extents. This will only improve the development community as a whole so that all developers can make better games. It would only help gaming and the quality of games that are being released from graphics to gameplay this is a good idea that would surely help gaming all around...

SiIellak3830d ago (Edited 3830d ago )

Please refer to diagram.

Silellak3830d ago

No, technically, I did, but apparently I've earned myself my very own clone.


Lord_Ash3829d ago

I thought you said you will post this in every GTA post, so why here just to share lol.

eagle213830d ago

But what they write on that paper is only as good as their talent. Get the point?

Insomniac is awesome. :)

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The story is too old to be commented.