Batman: Arkham Origins - PC Performance Analysis

DSOGaming writes: "Batman: Arkham Origins is a title we’ve been looking forward to, and that’s primarily because we wanted to see whether Warner Montreal would optimize the game’s PC version or not. Would the game suffer from stuttering issues? Would the game run as awful as its predecessor, Arkham City? And would its PhysX effects bring current gen systems to their knees? Thankfully, we can now answer all those questions."

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africanos231822d ago

The GTX690 is a dual gpu card on a single PCB not SLI. Your stuttering issues are probably either from not setting vsync on (as you have higher fps than 60) and your monitor probably being 60hz. Thats called screen-tearing.This review is very off in terms of info, as running that much gpu power through 1 single Pci-E lane probably 1.0 its logical to see those kind of bottlenecks . It's like you're trying to flood a city through a straw. Get a new CPU+MOBO combo with PCI-E 3.0 , get yourself informed on why things happen in terms of performance issues and general troubleshooting then start trying to be the next best tech site.