The PS4 is a “Supercomputer” According to Japanese Regulations, Xbox One is Just Under the Threshold

According to Japanese regulations, the PS4 qualifies as a "supercomputer" due to its computational performance. On the other hand the Xbox One falls just under the threshold.

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Kayant1817d ago

Looool nice find Abriael. Japan is such a peculiar country.

Abriael1817d ago

That's why I love it and miss it. The time I worked there was one of the best of my life. There was always something fun and interesting to find out beyond every corner.

Kayant1817d ago

Yh same :) Japan is an awesome country I hope to visit one day..... It's even funnier because of what's written here ("Play with peak performance" section) -->

Pintheshadows1817d ago

This isn't a slight at all but when I visited Tokyo for a holiday I felt like I was on a very surreal drug. The modern and the feudal really struck me as remarkable but also daunting and so amusingly at odds. Going from an ultra modern city to a temple will never not be awesome.

It may be a bit weird though that I live in a small city called Norwich that has a castle in the centre which was built in 1100 and I don't even notice it anymore.

Anyway, that is pretty damn off topic so, wooooo supercomputer or some such.

loulou1817d ago

@ abriael

taling tips from rashid? 5 paragraphs of rubbish just for n4g??

tell me, if you knew that you couldn't get hits from n4g, would you have een bothered?

sorry, but dualshockers is normally better than that

Langkasuka1817d ago

I'm going to Japan this Dec for a university exchange program. I signed up the trip in September, after PS4 release dates for NA and EU came out. I was pinning hopes that Japan gets Nov/Dec 2013 release date as well, so I can watch PS4 in the wild on its native habitat :)

Didn't went as expected. PS4 for Japan is coming out in 2014 and lo behold, my region gets PS4 in Dec. While I'm gone.

I planned to go to Japan for a PS4 expedition, only to find that they are all migrating south for Christmas. Awww, damn it Sony... :P

UltimateMaster1817d ago (Edited 1817d ago )

I don't know what a "super computer" means anymore.

Abriael1817d ago (Edited 1817d ago )

@loulou: I posted it because I found it interesting. Interesting enough to go research on the Japanese legislation on the matter for a few hours.

Maybe we just find different things interesting? :D

HighResHero1817d ago (Edited 1817d ago )

There is a person/people who have some kind of problem with your dualshockers site and other sites (like gamingbolt).
It is not as simple as gripes about sensationalist headlines, etc.
Everyone knows that newspapers have been using catchy headlines for many decades to attract readers.
Maybe your site is getting too popular for some people.
Just a heads up.

Edit: No problem. I think you have every right (within reason) to promote, just like I would one of my websites.

Abriael1817d ago

@HighResHero: I don't mind. I just report on things I find interesting, for those that may find them interesting as well.

Haters gonna hate, but thanks for the heads up :D

horndog1817d ago

So why not pack up and move there?

Ritsujun1817d ago

horndog should just pack up and move to the dogworld.

sAVAge_bEaST1817d ago (Edited 1817d ago )

Don't worry, at least 63 people agree with you, to the 7 that don't. I call that the Mass Majority.

tee_bag2421816d ago (Edited 1816d ago )

Japan is great. I've been here for 3 years and still can't get enough .

decrypt1816d ago

We heard the same rhetoric with the PS3, in the end it struggled with most of its games at 720p or below lol.

SniperControl1816d ago

Abriael, i am off to Japan(Tokyo to be exact) in a couple of weeks on business, anything to avoid or do?
I cant wait, always wanted to visit Japan.
Also hoping to pick up Vita TV on the 15th.

OT: Power of the beast unveiled, lol

ChrisW1816d ago (Edited 1816d ago )

I've been living in Japan for over 10 years. And I can say it's the cleanest, safest, easiest (provided you speak the language) developed country I have ever lived in.

But I will warn you, if you plan being here for longer than a tourist visa allows (i.e. work here), start learning the language before you come! Otherwise your experience here not only be incomplete and unfulfilling, but it will more than likely be less than enjoyable.


Tokyo? There are the obvious places to visit; Akihabara (the electronics district), Shinjuku, and Shibuya (both entertainment districts)... But if you really want to enjoy the culture and history, visit Meiji Shrine, Yasukuni Shrine, the Emperor's Palace (from outside only) and the Ueno Park Museums. And if you have plenty of time on your hands, make a visit to Kamakura City, formerly one of the capitals of Japan. It's about an hour by train southwest of Tokyo.

As for places to avoid... IMO, Gaijin sports bars in Shinjuku, Shibuya, and more importantly Roppungi. That is, unless you enjoy being around rowdy soccer and rugby hooligans. But do understand there are decent Gaijin bars in those areas.

SniperControl1816d ago


Thanks for the tips.

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Kayant1817d ago


Really dualshockers 10x better than gamingbolt which most of the time has titles that don't reflect what it's in the article or things like "PS4 GDDR5...." When in reality the dev is just talking about increased ram in general and nothing specific to GDDR5.

Also this is a bit of fun because anyone that isn't a blind ass Sony fanboy will know that while PS4 is a very capable machine it just doesn't have the power of a supercomputer or PC that's £500/$600+.

You really need to read the title harder because this is far from hit grabbing.

loulou1817d ago

yeah i was a bit harsh there.

its gotten beyond old seeing the rubbish that rashid/gamingbolt posts on here day after day.

gamingbolt needs to feel the banhamer imo.

i did say that dualshockers is normally better than this though

BBBirdistheWord1817d ago (Edited 1817d ago )

@ kayant

dude, Abriael didn't find this.

Abriael is a staff writer at Dualshockers.
He literally makes these stories up and then posts them here. That's how he gets paid.

I caught him one time because one of his mates from dualshockers came and backed him up in a debate on one of his stories which he submitted to n4g.. I thought something was fishy... and wouldn't you know it? Both of them are staff writers on dualshockers and they were pushing the same agenda.

It seems dualshockers has somewhat of a pro Sony agenda and this goes some way of explaining the common theme in n4g submissions from that site and the theme of comments on their stories.

They write their own stories, then post them here and then get into the N4g comments on their own stories to heat them up and generate further interest from the community.

I feel it's important for people to know what's really going on.
Nothing wrong with making a buck from hits on n4g, but at least we need transparency so that users know what's really going on.

Can you confirm this for us, Abriael?

edit: you can see on the twitter account that abriael is abusing the n4g approval system by asking his friends to approve his submissions for him. That is disappointing and it appears to be against the rules.

Does Cat know this is happening?

Abriael1817d ago (Edited 1817d ago )

Wow, you're really somewhat of a stalker.

It's never been a mystery that I write on DualShockers. As a matter of fact I'm the news editor. All the major moderators know. Not only there's nothing wrong with it, but N4G encourages it. We aren't on reddit.

By the way, I don't "make up" stories. I research them. This story is fruit of extensive research on the Japanese legislation that took several hours, mind you. There's nothing "made up" there, so you may want to hold your horses and keep your personal vendettas at bay :D

Stalking people out of a personal vendetta is bad, you know?

HighResHero1817d ago (Edited 1817d ago )

@BBBird: Why focus so much on these people when people are doing much sneakier(more questionable) things right under our noses? It makes me wonder if YOU might have some kind of agenda.

I'm even more excited for the PS4 now and I love the unique Japanese culture too. Keep it Japanesey Kyoto.

rainslacker1817d ago (Edited 1817d ago )

I've known this for some time. He's never hidden it. He readily addresses comments that people make about the article as if it was his work.

If you can find stuff to write about that's more interesting, the by all means go ahead and write it up and post it here. It's not against the rules, and it's not fishy.

BBBirdistheWord1817d ago (Edited 1817d ago )

@ abriael.

Sorry you seem to think I am stalking but I am just posting the information that many users seem not to be aware of.
The submission of stories seems to be a big problem on here and I think it's exceptionally important that users are aware of how the monetising system really works.

I already said there's nothing wrong with monetising n4g hits so you don't need to get all defensive and start with the ad hominem attacks on me. I am just exposing the underlying truth, which is the beauty of a free society.

BTW, you didn't address the part about how you ask your friends to approve n4g articles. That's not how the approval system is supposed to work. What's with that, dude?

I just think a lot of the users on this site are ignorant to the source of these stories.
It's important to know that people like you who write and publish and stand to make money are seen for exactly what you are.

Also, the approval system is somewhat broken on here and it's important for all users to see how it is being abused.

To summarise, here's how your process seems to work:

1. you write a story on Dualshockers like a paid blog.
2. you ask your fellow friends and dualshocker staff (who also appear to be paid) to approve your stories, thereby skewing the approvals in your favour.
3. Then you and your friends comment in the stories to heat them up and make them front page news. When someone posts a negative about this, your friends and fellow staff come to the rescue and no one is the wiser that there is actually a pretty clever submerged little network at play here.

There is no need to get nasty and accuse me of stalking just because I have exposed your little network and scheme. I am trying to do a favour for the casual readers on here that may not be aware how they are being duped at times!

All the information I have provided is publicly available on the internet for all to see. Not sure how that is stalking? I assure you I have no interest in anything about you except to expose how you seem to abuse the system to make a quick dollar.

Btw. I was forced to block you because I am a little concerned that you would harrass me again via PM.

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MorePowerOfGreen1817d ago

Atleast it's not "10X the powerful than a supercomputer" PS4 is just a "super computer* ;)

kraigslist_killa1817d ago

Its smells good tho...Japan has a wonderful smell to it.

rainslacker1817d ago

I remember the day, vaguely at least, when it was reported that the PS2 may not be able to sell in America because importing supercomputers required special provisions from the gov't and required extra taxes...or some other such nonsense. The articles made it seem like you couldn't import supercomputers into America, and at the time, the PS2 was considered a super-computer.

AndrewLB1817d ago

I guess it's a supercomputer compared to the smart-phones and tablets the Japanese do almost all their gaming on. PC gaming is dead in Japan, consoles are on a rapid decline, and everyone is all about hand-held devices.

MuhammadJA1816d ago

"Japan is such a peculiar country."

what does that have to do with the article? is it because they talked good about the ps4?

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1817d ago Replies(1)
Hakoom1817d ago

every article is praising the ps4 this month more than x1
i just hope the X1 doesnt hold back the ps4 this gen with multiplat games

EXVirtual1817d ago

I know how you feel, but let's not make this a console war article pls.

XtraTrstrL1817d ago

Well, looking at it there's a few reasons 360 held back PS3. Part of it was PS3's fault, the notoriously hard to program for issue. Then, there was Microsoft's ridiculously restrictive rules to publishers/devs, that the games couldn't have anything about them that made them seem superior on another platform.

That particular restriction won't work this time around, seeing as PS4 has the popularity and preorder lead, so Microsoft would be just shooting themselves in the foot to try and force such rules. Also, this time around, the PS4 is the easier console to program for, so regardless of how hush hush and political publisher's answers are to questions about platform parity, there'll definitely be many multiplats that perform and/or look noticeably better on PS4 compared to X1.

JimmyLmao1817d ago

the XB1 won't hold back the ps4 with multi-plat games

trust me, you will see in about 1 months time. =)

TechMech21817d ago

You should be more concerned with Wii u

Hercules1891817d ago

I also hope that the Ps4 wont hold back X1 games because of the lack of free dedicated servers or lack of Kinect.

pixelsword1817d ago (Edited 1817d ago )

The only thing that could hold back Xbone games is kinect itself.

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ShowGun9011817d ago

yay! im gonna have a SUPERCOMPUTER!!!


i guess the extra $100 dollars you spend on an xbone will all be for the kinect 2.0, plus probably another $50-$100... sorry not interested lol

Goku7811817d ago

Let us rain doom down upon the filthy heads of the Second Class Xbox One!

ShowGun9011817d ago

Me: if they would bring back invader zim, i'd do anything!

guy in crowd: woud you buy an xbone?

Me: lets not get crazy now...

first1NFANTRY1817d ago (Edited 1817d ago )

Didn't u know? The extra $100 is for the secret sauce in the power brick lol jokes.

MS is just too easy to make fun of nowadays.

MasterCornholio1817d ago

The power brick isn't the secret sauce its the top secret secondary GPU.


Nexus 7 2013