The strongest next-gen line-up from the unlikeliest source

EG:Earlier this week, Nintendo confirmed that it was ceasing production of the Wii. You probably don't need reminding of its successes, just as Nintendo likely doesn't need reminding of the shadow it has been operating under with its successor. The Wii U, according to every sales report since its release late last year, has been a disappointment and, if you've an inkling for melodrama, something of a disaster. The common consensus is that Nintendo blew its 12-month head start.

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weekev151816d ago (Edited 1816d ago )

The tumbleweed that goes with a positive WiiU article on n4g is ridic. OT article is spot on. PS4 will be awesome in a couple of years when the good games begin to come. Im excited for whatever naughty dog have up their sleeves, KH3 and MGS. The thing im looking forward to the most is original IPs.

WiiU still has most for me though. Mario 3D looks awesome. Deus ex is a nice wee addition. Just bought Wii Party which Im about to start playing, then you have the games that have released recently like Windwaker, W101.

Its taken a while but fair play to Nintendo, WiiU is shaping up to be a spectacular system.

TwilightBites1816d ago

Awesomely said. Its annoying how people flock to the WiiUDoomed articles.

stuna11816d ago

You say this as if it's not about time for the WII U to start pulling its own weight! It has been out for almost a damn year, I'm saying the same for theVita, and I have one of those. The fact is Nintendo fumbled the ball when it comes to the WII U and 3rd party support, and they haven't exactly been on the ball when it comes to 1st party support either, so in retrospect many are calling it as they see it.

What's funny is..... Now Nintendo wants to get on the ball now that the other next gen consoles are about to release! Which is something they should have been doing from the beginning. In my opinion I really don't think the WII U is going to do as well as some are hoping, the next gen consoles have a lot of hype surrounding them plus they both have a edge concerning advertisement, which the WII U doesn't have much of. Many don't want to here this, but it's a fact of life.

AKR1816d ago

And when there IS a positive - someone always has to try and put a negative spin on it just for the sake of continuing the relentless bashing.

i.e: Someone who's profile picture is a dude in a blue shirt.

McScroggz1816d ago

Congrats Wii U! You've been out a year and you have a better line-up of games than two consoles yet to release - you make me so proud. I'm making a cake right now for you.

Kennytaur1816d ago

I'm more hyped for Mario than any next gen launch title. The console has some fundamental flaws (it can't wake usb devices, and surround sound support is atrocious), but the quality of the software is starting to make up for it.

Kennytaur1816d ago (Edited 1816d ago )

@McSgroggz: All Nintendo fans knows cake baking is a trap. (hit the wrong comment-window...)

strickers1816d ago

I couldn't care less. Wii U is cack.

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