New Killzone Shadow Fall Details: Singleplayer Frame Rate, Gameplay Length, Loadout Working And More

Steven ter Heide, Game Director at Guerrilla Games has revealed some brand new details regarding upcoming Playstation 4 exclusive game Killzone: Shadow Fall.

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DoomeDx1816d ago

Wait what!? The singleplayer runs at 60fps too now?

I prefer 30fps for a campaign. Frame dips annoy me :(

MasterCornholio1816d ago

He didn't say that it runs at 60FPS. He just said that its over 30FPS. I believe that when your playing the single player campaign, the frame rate will osculate between 40 and 30 FPS and if it never drops below 30FPS this should be a pretty smooth experience.

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DoomeDx1816d ago

Thanks for clearing that up. I am always a little scared for 60fps and super pretty graphics lol

plaZeHD1816d ago

OH MY GOD that is so awesome. If Guerrilla Games can do THIS this early what would Naughty Dog do 2-4 years from now? MIND=BLOWN

Software_Lover1816d ago

No the single player is not running at 60fps. There is a chance that it MIGHT hit 60fps throughout playing but it isn't locked at this point in time. If they can get it to run above 30 fps unlocked, they should've just locked it at 30.

gaffyh1816d ago

All they are doing is allowing extra frames to be shown at times when the action is less, and scaling it back when it gets hectic. That way they will always have it above 30fps, and can provide more than 30fps as a bonus in certain situations. It's kinda like Wipeout HD, which did a similar thing, and that never stuttered.

Ju1816d ago

Wipeout used dynamic resolution to keep the 60fps (almost) stable, KZ:SF does not. It always runs 1080p. Unlocked just means there is no hard dependency on VSync with the effect it will never dip below 30.

mt1816d ago

thanks for the information , Mr Guerrilla Games employee.

I agree with you btw but the way you talk you sound like you know that for sure.

RyuCloudStrife1815d ago

next time instead of having someone explain to you as if you were a little child just click the link and check the story out!

That MIGHT help.

Jughead34161816d ago

Does this mean that the singleplayer mode will never dip below 30FPS? That would be awesome.

GribbleGrunger1816d ago (Edited 1816d ago )

It runs at 35 - 40fps in singleplayer and 60fps in multiplayer; although the devs have said that it may drop below 60fps if every single person decides to do something like throw a grenade simultaneously.

Someone disagreed with Gorilla? Jesus, you people.

jobboy1816d ago

35-40 fps? i suspect some tearing, therefore better have a fixed framerate

JoGam1816d ago

They are not disagreeing with Guerrilla game. They are more so hate disagreeing. Just Haters. They gotta do their job too ya know.

Ju1816d ago

So far, in what video footage is available, KZ:SF did not show any screen tearing. How they compensate for this is another question, but it seems to run perfectly "in sync".

ballsohard20131816d ago

wait no... 30 frames on single player? but 60 on multiplayer? why not 60 all the way around?

neoMAXMLC1816d ago

Single player campaigns are usually more demanding than multiplayer. Ever played a CoD campaign? Frame rate can be all over the place

buynit1816d ago ShowReplies(1)
buynit1816d ago (Edited 1816d ago )


Because i was interested in the details since i will own a ps4 day one.. I just know better then to ask something like that around here and you know its True!

Im not talking the game or Sony down just trying to warn the guy, he is already down to 3 and you would have to do a lot of butt kissing to get that back...

I want every single game to be at 1080p next gen imo their is no excuse to not hit that with the exception of the launch games i can understand needing time to get control of the new tech..

Damn it Balls! You see now no matter what i ask or say its an auto disagree..

wishingW3L1816d ago

Yeah, they are so obsessed with a piece of plastic and a brand it's like dealing with children with mental issues around here.

larrysdirtydrawss1815d ago

they want more graphics,,its gonna be like this for the ps5 and xbox4 also,get use to it... save up for a expensive p.c

wenaldy1816d ago

Wowowowowowow 60 fps at 1080p!!

buynit1816d ago

Is it 1080 in Multiplayer?

MasterCornholio1816d ago

Unlike some other titles this game didn't get a downgrade in terms of resolution. Which means that its still 1080P for single and multiplayer.

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buynit1816d ago


What other fps was Downgraded? Last i checked cod is doing the same..

MasterCornholio1815d ago (Edited 1815d ago )


In glad you asked. In June they confirmed 1080P resolution at 60FPS for Call of Duty Ghosts. Now it appears that they maintained the 1080P resolution for the PS4 version while the Xbox One version was downgraded to 720P.

Plus didn't dice say before that the Xbox One version of Battlefield 4 would be 1080P? And now they state that the game runs in 900P on the PS4 and 720P on the Xbox One. That to me seems like downgrade from 1080P to 720P.

But we will never know for sure until the games release.

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AndrewLB1815d ago

MasterCornholio- You're in for a surprise if you truly believe that.

here an example:

Looks awesome doesn't it? I'm certainly impressed.

Well... I was. But then I downloaded the image and used Photoshop CS6 to view the detailed file information which clearly shows the image has had "work" done to it.

First off, it's 1920x1080 which is fine, but it's 299 pixels per inch, was edited previously by Photoshop CS5, and is in sRGB color format.

Go look at it yourself. It's HIGHLY edited. some edges are aliased while on the same edge of the object you'll find it be jaggy free.

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Rynocirator1816d ago

As long as it doesn't hinder gameplay at all, I am fine with it.

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