PlayStation 3 hands-on preview (with video) takes a look at the PS3, video and pics included.

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FirstknighT4460d ago

"During our play time, the unit remained relatively cool -- as cool, if not cooler than the Xbox 360.".....this right here is going to give sony fanboys an erection. This really doesn't say much tho'...Long term use is when you start to find the bugs and the problems...We shall find out soon enough...

DEIx15x84459d ago

How can everyone say that the 360 is hot yet when the PS3 is referred to as the same temperature it is called cool? Doesn't that mean that it runs hot but the system's case only feels warm unless you touch the air vents (which the PS3 has on the sides, back, and bottom) which are blowing out hotter air? Another thin to note is the fact that everyone says that the system is quiet but they are saying that the drive is loud, as loud as any mac slot loading drive (i have used many models of those and they are as loud as a tray drive and sometimes louder) but that's kind of expected because the drive is always the loudest part of a system. Now we just need them to actually give us demo stations since the system launches next week. What is the hold up, the 360 gave us demo stations over a month before launch. Sony and Nintendo need to show before we buy sight unseen, they are both trying to sell too radical of a design (sony with it's price and all the "does it really work" stories and Nintendo with it's new control scheme).

12Volt4460d ago

jealousy in those words at engadget?

Mikey_Gee4460d ago

I guess I missed that smell

Mikey_Gee4460d ago

BUT ... I really wish he would have at least had it started up and we could see some lights or a disc entering the PS3.

Even some shots of the controller and the new buttons or triggers.

But still .... cool video

MAN .. that thing is shiny. Will need a bottle of windex close at all times.

Brandnew4459d ago

I just nutted in my pants cant wait till the 17th