Rainbow Six: Vegas HD Video

While you might have seen this same video posted during E3, here is a new version in true 720p high definition with full commentary voice-over explaining the game's new options, features, and enhancements.

amrasmord6527d ago

this game looks so cool. correct me if im wrong but dosent this game come out at launch? if it does, im getting it along with WarHawk.

Gamer136527d ago

Looks good at this stage.

Alexander6527d ago (Edited 6527d ago )

Its looks good running on the 360 hardware yes, what about running PS3 title?

/EDIT/ Hahahahaha I thought I was in the PS3 section and was about to bash the stupidy of the above person who 'thought it was a running PS3 game'

My bad...although it has put my comment in both the 360 and PS3 sections so. Take this warning arrrr "It be runnin' on the box matey"

achira6527d ago

who says that the xbox360 version is better than the ps3 version??? you can be sure that the ps3 version will be smoother and will have better graphics.

WhEeLz6527d ago

again and again i say..... XBUGS + PS3 SECTION = PS3 FAN.....anywayz, i cant wait till this game comes out..i mean D@mn man...if it looks this good on 360...i cant wait for the ps3 version!!!!

FamoAmo6525d ago

If you think the ps3 version will be better thats funny!!! The PS3 will recieve the 360's port!!! Like alot of developers said already that the games releasing on both consoles will be the 360 ported to the ps3!!

pRo loGic II6527d ago

What the hell are you guys talking about?... QUOTE:(ps3 version will be smoother and will have better graphics ) Yah! just like all the other Sony console's did over the competion.lol

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