Batman Origins DLC On Wii U Disappear From Eshop

Batman Origins has recently released on all Platforms but according to many Wii U owners the Batman Origins DLC were all available in the Eshop 3 different Costume sets Season Pass but have Disappeared,Could this be another third Party tomfoolery or honest maintenance?


Issue proved to be a Maintenance Glitch*

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snitch_puck1818d ago

It's another third party tomfoolery!! NOT! seriously though, it's just maintenance. calm down.

muffinbutton1817d ago

i just checked to see if it was true and its still there... so either it was a glitch or it was just a lie for hits

zalanis1817d ago

I just got the deathstroke dlc FOR my wiiu version. so this article is lying, and since no one else has spoken otherwise, ill assume its because you dont have the wiiu version. but this article is lying 100%. the only thing we didnt get is the multiplayer on my version.