Call of Duty Fans Storm and Damage Activision Booth due to Reckless Contest at Italian Gaming Event

Giuseppe Nelva writes: "When I saw a press release from Activision announcing a contest to be held at Milan's Games Week event, in which the first 500 fans to enter the booth to try Call of Duty: Ghosts were to be given a copy of the game's Prestige Edition for free, I knew there was going to be trouble, and I'm quite sure I wasn't the only one."

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Majin-vegeta1909d ago

Dammit I thought someone had said.

"COD sux BF4 FTW!!!xD which had riled them up.

Abriael1909d ago (Edited 1909d ago )

Lol, when you tell people "hey get in first, we'll give you a 200 bucks special edition of COD for free!" you don't really need much else.

SilentNegotiator1909d ago

What an incredibly stupid contest idea. It's like a poorly planned Black Friday sale's worth of stupidity, times 10.


Like this wouldn't happen with any free $200 product.

kayoss1909d ago

If people willing to hurt others for a discount on Black Friday... What makes you think they will act civil for something free?

Abriael1909d ago

Haha, we don't have Black Friday in Italy (I wish we did). That's probably why they didn't predict it :D

jobboy1909d ago

right, we imported that stupid halloween practice.....time to import Black friday over here!! lol

sAVAge_bEaST1909d ago

Your not missing anything, Black Friday makes me feel humiliated to be an American (consumer frenzies are not cool, parking is a nightmare).

obliterator1909d ago

Lmao. Wish I would have been there to take part in damaging.... Ehm pacifying the crowd.

bobsmith1909d ago

when they first announced this I was thinking man I dont want to buy the game and season pass for 110$ when people are just gona get it free
I cant resist tho cods the best the other games I was gona get instead couldnt deliver again I pre ordered ill pass on season pass though

Soldierone1909d ago

Does Black Friday teach you nothing? lol

Abriael1909d ago

There's no black friday in Italy. Darn it :D

Soldierone1909d ago

Its nothing to be jealous over. Stores just open at night, put maybe 3 TV's on sell, and 100's of people kill each other to get one of them. lol

NarooN1909d ago

You're not missing anything. Sure, the sales are amazing... yet the stores themselves are literally filled to the brim with so many people to the point you can only tip-toe to anywhere you need to be. Then by the time you get to anything you actually wanted, it's already been raped and they're out of stock or what have you.

You're better off trying to take advantage of deals online or something. People go crazy at the stores. I remember routinely seeing people actually camping out in RV's and such, right in front of the store.

Rivitur1909d ago

Cyber Monday is where it's at though worst case scenario someone steals your credit card info or cyber bullying. : D

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