Kinect Sports Rivals Is Currently Being Demo'd With A Controller, Not Kinect, Phil Spencer Responds

Kinect Sports Rivals Is currently being demo'd with a controller, not Kinect, Phil Spencer responds.

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Eonjay1871d ago (Edited 1871d ago )

Well thats odd.

Edit: Sounds like something to do with Debug builds. I remember seeing it demoed with an actual (I assume) Kinect so this does still seem odd.

GribbleGrunger1871d ago

It is odd, especially when people are starting to ask why they should pay $100 more for a peripheral they don't want. This is a really stupid thing to do so close to release.

BBBirdistheWord1871d ago (Edited 1871d ago )

I have a possible answer as to why they are doing this.

Perhaps they want to show people that kinect is not mandatory to play the games, even for games designed for kinect.

Perhaps they want to demonstrate flexibility for their hardware and show consumers that they have the CHOICE to play this game even without kinect.
If you like the idea of playing with kinect, then great. If not, then great. You can sit in the recliner and play with a controller like we have done for the last 15 years.

I just read another article where a spokesperson for Sony said voice control was a feature that developers could choose to implement on ps4 on the optional pseye at their whim, for those people who chose to buy a pseye and want voice commands, or not.

The playstation fans were literally falling over themselves pointing out how this CHOICE was a great thing and how nice it was to have been given CHOICE.

This demonstration shows that we have a CHOICE to use kinect or a regular controller. Even though kinect2.0 comes in every box and will likely have more implementation as are result, it's nice to think I still have a choice about not using it if I am too tired from work and just sit back with a beer.

Seeing as we are on n4g, I am guessing the choice will not be received as positively and this choice will be spun into a negative.

nukeitall1871d ago

What is so odd about this, the Xbox 360 tools had very easy way to use multiple type of inputs that frequently was used for debugging.

There is nothing weird about this unless you want to spread FUD and lies!

stuna11871d ago

It's not odd, since people should know by now that Kinects is not meant for gaming.

Knushwood Butt1870d ago

These MS sales reps would do themselves a favour by not opening their mouths.

Juiceid1871d ago

I played it in Chicago with the kinect, the wave runner portion anyway. It worked just fine.

AutoCad1871d ago

was it really responsive? im thinking of getting games for kinect if it actually works.

Soldierone1871d ago

It works fine, its just the matter of having space and good lighting for it. Some games still have wonky ways for you to move, but ones like this do fine for a majority of it. Really simplistic gestures etc...

BBBirdistheWord1871d ago (Edited 1871d ago )

@ autocad

Thanks for posting your kinect experience. It seems to have been a positive experience. Not sure why you got disagrees for simply speaking about your experience.

On a separate note, kinect2.0 works perfectly in very low lighting conditions, so that's not a concern for users anymore. It's this sort of thing that people don't know about that MS needs to advertise to gamers.

brewin1871d ago

So you can use the controller on the games if you choose!? Why isnt this being touted more? Ive been dying for a Wave Race or new Splashdown game for awhile. This could sell me on the game. I hope the games contained are more than just mini games though. They need to be more fleshed out in these kinds of games. There is no excuse now with the power of next gen... right?

Soldierone1871d ago

They are often "demo's" for two reasons. 1 This game is for the casuals, their attention span is maybe 10 minutes. Letting them switch between games so fast means they stick to it longer.

2 These games are only there to show off motion controls. So instead of making it too complex, they just put emphasis around each specific idea.

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christocolus1871d ago

wanted this at launch..well i guess it eill only get better now..definitly getting it.

Pascalini1871d ago

Yea I used kinect at the tour

This article is pointless again