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Boss Dungeon's Zack Furniss reviews Lone Survivor: The Director's Cut, saying "I want mystery, discovery, and pride upon completion. I know I’m not speaking for everyone, but I am a selfish git, and these are my desires. Desires that Lone Survivor: The Director’s Cut fulfilled perfectly."

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porkChop1819d ago

Hmm. Seems pretty cool, maybe I'll pick this up for my Vita. How much is it?

matrixman921819d ago

i picked it up on a whim and I really like it. It really has the sense of being a classic survival horror game. There are some parts where if you dont have ammo or anything, u are completely screwed and pretty much have to start over. The story is also pretty interesting, and there are multiple endings to get to know the full picture of what exactly is happening.

I think it was 12.99 in the US if I remember right.

sdozzo1819d ago

Pc it for like a buck.