IGN Shows You How to Control The PS3 With The DualShock 4

"Now that we have PlayStation 4 controllers in the office, we figured we'd show you how they work with PlayStation 3. That's right. 3!" - IGN

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Starbucks_Fan1823d ago

I bought one and I got it to work on my Macbook Pro :)

aceitman1823d ago

Ive been playing my mame games on pc .playing classic games with spot on control.

GmIsOnPt3601823d ago

Why is this even news , the ps4 controller works with some ps3 games... Lol and who cares ???

isarai1823d ago

People who are eager to get there hands on the new and improved controller. now they can buy it NOW and play games with it putting it tot the full test

TheFutureIsBlue1823d ago

A lot of sites are doing it. The more sites that do it = the more ps3 games we can confirm that will work with the DS4. A lot of people want to play with the newer controller since everyone and their mom say it's the better controller.

Deadpoolio1823d ago

Yet your life is that pathetic enough that you felt the need to not only click on the article but also take the time to actually leave your stupid comment, I'm betting you also took the time to watch the video

Rageanitus1823d ago

Honestly the PS3 controller is good enough for the PS3. I see no valid reason to buy a PS4 controller to play on the PS3.... unless you have zero PS3 Controllers and plan to use the same controller on both systems. (I doubt that will happen because, the controller is a blutooth device and is usually linked to a specific machine)

Bigkurz851822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

The reason is having the novelty of ALREADY getting to use the much improved controller weeks before the system comes out.

For me, I knew I'd be buying a second controller anyways. So why not grab it NOW and play with it for a few weeks?

FamilyGuy1822d ago

I care, I was damn near begging that Sony release a PS3 controller in the style of the PS4 one and all along the PS4 controller is compatible from the start. It's awesome.

Before we only knew that it worked on PCs without any sort of extra drivers, patches or special software. This is worth mention because the DS3 does NOT work on PCs without special 3rd party software.

We care, let us care, lol

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InTheZoneAC1823d ago

super stardust hd

one of the best games ever, easily my most played ps3 game for a year after it came out...

jaymart2k1823d ago

Confirmed: GTA5 won't work with DS4 :(

xReDeMpTiOnx1823d ago

Confirmed playing mgs4 with ds4

No FanS Land1823d ago

hell yeah, I just need my big boss run since the trophy patch!