New Trailer Released For Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z

Hardcore Gamer: The launch announcement trailer clocks in at over three minutes and does a fine job explaining all of the features of the game -- and announcing a Day One Edition bonus.

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Last_Boss1846d ago

Love DBZ, don't particularly like these games, but this one looks damn good.

ChaosKnight1846d ago

Right? I love how they went over the top with it.

admiralvic1846d ago

This one certainly has a different feel to it. I am quite excited to relive my favorite moments.

LackTrue4K1846d ago (Edited 1846d ago )

lol, there is no room for this here....

GdaTyler1846d ago

Even if it doesn't have transformations? I'll still get it, but come on man...

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Myst1846d ago

Reminds me a bit of Dragon Ball Z: Legends.

GdaTyler1846d ago

This is an old trailer. Saw it already though. Well it's good for people who haven't seen it already I guess. :/

Nexgensensation1846d ago

I don't know if I can keep playing the same old saga over and over again.

I need something new from dbz

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