Next generation mobile devices: the home consoles of tomorrow?

Christopher Ingram at DDNet writes:

"When put into a certain perspective, it could seem that the mobile industry isn’t simply a disruption within the gaming industry - maybe it’s the answer? If these devices can allow us to play next generation games on our televisions via streaming technology on the multi devices that we will already own, the install base for publishers to sell its games to will be massive and the potential revenue streams this could bring just might be the thing that sees more positive stories than we've been seeing of late."

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ThaBx1844d ago

Man f&@?! This mobile gaming is not real gaming

NeoTribe1844d ago

Its mobile for a reason.... home gaming will not be replaced by gimmicky pay to win phone games. Sorry not happening. Pc will always have the edge on phones in technology. Consoles will always have the superior comfort and ease of use.

Slapshot821843d ago

Hi NeoTribe,

If you're thinking in the context of "mobile gaming" - you've already completely missed the point of the piece I've written; did you take the time to read it before commenting?

This op-ed looks at the rapid technological advancements with mobile devices (hardware) in the past decade in comparison to those in gaming consoles, which clearly shows an immense acceleration in the mobile industry. It was only a decade ago that picture message was struggling to catch-on and today we're streaming HD audio/video with ease on high-end mobile devices.

If the last decade can produce those results, why is it not possible that you could stream next generation (past the PS4 and Xbox One) games from your device to your television? Bluetooth technology has already proven itself to be capable for competitive gaming, so having a controller in-hand isn't an issue either.

If the next Grand Theft Auto, Call of Duty, Final Fantasy, etcetera, etc., released on mobile networks and provided the exact same gaming experiences as home consoles - why would you purchase the gaming consoles?

Oh_Yeah1843d ago (Edited 1843d ago )

Soon as they make the tech, shrinking high powered GPU's into phone sized chips, android and ios with a steam app, HDMI out to hook to tvs or streaming over wifi, pair up a controller of your choice and your good to go. I could see it happening within the next 15 years for sure.

Slapshot821843d ago

Hi Oh_Yeah,

Thanks for taking the time to leave your thoughts!

You bring up a great point and one that I didn't think about when writing the piece. Using a small cradle to drop your mobile device into could not only feature a power jack, but also feature and HDMI out port as well, which would allocate more processing power for the device when playing high-end games on a television, losing the need to stream the audio and image.

And yes, this op-ed is looking a decade down the road, and most certainly isn't speaking to mobile games overtaking home console titles.


koolaid2511843d ago

I'd say 5 years the way technology is moving.