Battlefield 4 news roundup: Read all the important info before the game’s out

Battlefield 4 news roundup: Read all the important info before the game’s out

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fghtrer3fb5erg1821d ago (Edited 1821d ago )

Theres 2 videos of the xboxone single player on youtube, it had just been uploaded, the title says "XBOX", judge for yourselves. The xboxone version looks significantly downgraded compared to the first gameplay we saw months ago before the e3.



no_more_trolling1821d ago

i can confirm that this is the xbox 360 version
i have my early copy as well

im very surprised how well dice ported it to the 360 :)

Hufandpuf1821d ago

Is it worth getting for current consoles or should i wait until the next-gen versions release?

no_more_trolling1821d ago

yes worth it 100%
i for one am gonna wait till jan/feb then ill get next gen console

BF4 for my 360 will hold me over until then

MajorGecko1820d ago

I will only buy the 360 version if the multiplayer has the "dynamic waves" that make the games boat combat so interesting if it doesn't have that its a no sale for me!!!

MWong1820d ago

Just wait until 10/29 we'll be able to see what the next-gen single player and multiplayer looks like.

alexkoepp1821d ago

It's X360, you can tell because access battlelog with back button... that button isn't on the x1 controller. Definately 360 version and looks pretty good for that version.

fghtrer3fb5erg1821d ago

Thats the x360 version? I think it looks too good to be current gen graphics O.O It only says XBOX in the title, he couldve said XBOX360 instead?

UbiquitousClam1821d ago

Lol all this effort trying to put down the xbox one version and you end up complementing the 360 version.

GG! Mission accomplished

windblowsagain1821d ago

Needs to be played on a next gen machine or PC.

Missing lots of details and tearing as well.