The great PS4 vs. Xbox One storage debate: Is 500GB really enough for new games?

Joel Hruska: The announcement that Killzone Shadow Fall hit 290GB in uncompressed data before the development team started optimizing the game for a smaller target raises the question of whether or not the 500GB storage capacities for the next-gen PS4 and Xbox One are going to be large enough — and, more importantly, which console offers the better options for the end user? Right now, the Xbox One has promised to allow external drives for game installation, while the PS4 flatly doesn’t. The PS4′s hard drive, on the other hand, will be easily replaceable where the Xbox One’s is not.

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NYC_Gamer2475d ago

That's not enough since games have mandatory installs

darthv722475d ago

Well so far, installs are optional or at the developers discretion.

Both platforms look to offer support for increasing the storage capacity of the systems. PS4 lets you install a bigger HDD and the XB1 lets you use external HDD as well.

Even the wii-u lets you use an external HDD. I have a 500gb ext hooked to mine right now. What would be sweet is if all 3 worked with NAS. that way I could use one external 2tb+ NAS unit to service them all.

BTBuck12475d ago

from everything i've read XB1 never changed away from mandatory installs on their console despite removing the DRM and used game restrictions, Installs stayed the same (unless that changed too, i'd like to see proof of that).

PS4 on the other hand i believe it's optional. But i'm sure some games will have partial requirements akin to GTAV on ps3.

MazzingerZ2475d ago (Edited 2475d ago )

Upgradeable HDD all the way, external HDD support has nothing with this issue as access data is way to slow so X1 has not alternative for this problem

darthv722475d ago

@mazz...I believe both the xb1 and ps4 have usb 3.0 so the data throughput would not be an issue.

The performance of the usb 3.0 would be no less than the internal throughput of sata 2.0 unless both are using the newer and faster sata 3.0.

shoddy2475d ago

Around 40gb a game make 500gb obsolete in 2 years.
Well you can delete old games but I like my collection available all times.

nextgen have big install even with disc

creatchee2475d ago


"Well you can delete old games but I like my collection available all times."

But you can play as you install most (if not all) games on X1 and PS4.

This isn't as big an issue as people make it out to be.

The_Con-Sept2475d ago (Edited 2475d ago )

External storage via usb input is not the greatest idea considering the read speeds of the usb through the cpu to the gpu. Think about it for a minute. Internal drives are the best way to go due to the sheer fact that the data read can be 1:1 when it comes to how much data needs to be processed.

I do not know how fast the usb chip is in the xbox one but I do know that usb read speeds are around the very low hundreds of mbps'. You could experience really long load times by loading a game from an external drive. And if a game's graphic engine is 1-3 GB's big then average load times would be around..... lets see... 100 mbps of read speed as a neutral ground for a read speed. That is 1 gigabyte of data transfered in about 10 seconds. Which means 30 seconds about to read the engine alone. Then all of the textures which usually runs around a gig itself outside of the engine plus the level and character designs which make up 500 MB's.... Then the cpu and gpu hopefully could be able to decode at a slower rate while it is putting in data in the ram.... tigobitties man..... it could take 2 minutes to actually load up a game through the external drive. I'm talking uncharted 1 load times for every external read game..... plus if these games are also compressed...... multiply that load time by 1.5 and you'll have gamers learning crylic while the game loads.

I will stick to my PlayStation 4 and my internal hard disk drive. Killzone shadowfall is a 290 gb game. Call of duty is 50 gbs compressed.... uncharted 3 took up a terabyte. Yeah the Playstation 4 and a 5400 rpm hdd is the way to avoid long loading times. I know these games aren't microsoft games but these games are the biggest games out there when it ckmes to space. And I am sure every new game that ckmes out is only going to get bigger in size.

ShinMaster2475d ago

You can upgrade the PS4's HDD for cheap. Just like the PS3.

I'll be buying mostly hard copies for major titles anyway.

TheXgamerLive2475d ago

Xbox One gold members have unlimited storage on the cloud. Not a problem.

gatormatt802475d ago


Yeah, for game saves. Not for game installation data.

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Pogmathoin2475d ago

The external drive for installations is a better idea, i do not want to be replacing the internal drive... Something MS got right....

kneon2475d ago

Replacing the PS3 drive is trivially easy and I expect the PS4 to be no different. I plan to put in a 1TB drive day 1.

The_Con-Sept2475d ago

You obviously have never owned an external hard drive and tried to transfer 10 gb of data to it within an hour.

HugoDrax2469d ago

External drives depends on connectivity, as well as what type of drive you're using. Rather it's HDD or SSD


MazzingerZ2475d ago

Hope it works it fine for X1 Owners

UnholyLight2475d ago

500Gb reminds me of when this gen first started out at 20Gb....It's a good start point, but I won't be surprised when they start coming out with 1Tb or 1.5Tb storage solutions

MiHX22475d ago

You are correct.A next-gen game is about 50-60GB....

avengers19782475d ago

They both should have put in a TB HDD

Magicite2475d ago

Well, I know that some people are running out of space on their PS3's 1TB drive.

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Mikelarry2475d ago (Edited 2475d ago )

on the ps4 you have the ability to upgrade yourself, while on the xbox one i read ms will offer you unlimited cloud storage they both know that 500gb will not cut it anymore and they have put in place options to cater to our ever growing storage space needs.

xbox one unlimited cloud storage info

ThatCanadianGuy5142475d ago

Game saves, sure.Full GIGGS of game DATA?
I find that highly unlikely.

We'll have to wait and see how it works

fghtrer3fb5erg2475d ago

Yeah its for game saves only and compute or whatever.

Palaven2475d ago (Edited 2475d ago )

They confirmed at PAX you have unlimited Cloud storage which can be used for games.

Stsonic2475d ago (Edited 2475d ago )

Palaven it's just like how they have files saved their network to buy and download like they have now. buy>download>play>del ete>redownload

The cloud is not going to magically give you unlimited game storage data.

XboxFun2475d ago

Why wouldn't you be able to play games off of a cloud service?

Wouldn't it work the same way OnLive or Gaikai would? Is this not basically the same idea?

ProjectVulcan2475d ago (Edited 2475d ago )

The cloud is useless for game install storage.

The whole point of storing the data locally like installing a game onto the HDD is to speed access to the game data for the console. So rather than having maybe 30mb/s read from the bluray drive off a game disc you get 80mb/s read from the HDD.

A really fast internet connection like 100meg fibre can do what, 12.5mb/s? Its just not practical anytime soon with the amount of data involved and the implications of having always connected again....

You'll still need a bunch of local storage to be able to install games to then.

I know xbox one will have external storage capability but its messy. Juggling USB sticks or external drives with power and wires trailing....I would much prefer everything inside the console.

It'll be much more preferable to be to be able to just fit a 1 or 2tb drive inside PS4 and forget about it. Its not like they even cost much these days and the price will only ever come down.

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GiantEnemyCrab2475d ago

I was hearing something about being able to use an external HDD on the XB1 but yeah that 500gig is not going to last the generation so MS need something. They should of took a page from Sony on this one.

GmIsOnPt3602475d ago

Yes external storage will be supported but not at launch

Ctiboi20102475d ago (Edited 2475d ago )


Yes Microsoft confirmed a long time ago that you can just add an external drive to your console for extra space so that shouldn't be a problem. I did read an article stating that it wont be possible until 2014 though.

Hey btw does anyone have any idea if there's a way to transfer data from an older hard drive onto the newer one if you buy a bigger hard drive for the PS4? Or do you have to keep opening up the console to change the hard drive to play a game? Just curious

darthv722475d ago

@citi... i would imagine the transfer of data on the ps4 would be like the ps3. You can make a backup of your data (to a hdd of equal or greater size) then swap out the old drive for a new one and then run the restore option.

Yeah it uses 3 hdd but the process is worth it if you are planning to upgrade.

Oh and 3 hdd's means the original (in the unit), one for backup purposes and then the 3rd being the new hdd.

Ctiboi20102475d ago (Edited 2475d ago )


Awesome, thanks for the detailed info. I guess there are some pros and cons to the routes that Microsoft and Sony went in regards to internal and external hard drive space.

On one hand, simply adding an external hard drive to the Xbox One from what it seems is a much easier process than the PS4, yet if you don't have the space for an extra Hard Drive next to your console Sony arguably chose the better path. I do wonder if Sony will overprice the Hard drives they sell like Microsoft did in the beginning even though data storage costs have decreased dramatically since then.

Either way you're getting the option no matter which system you buy to add extra space on top of the already allotted 500 GB so there shouldn't be too much complaining from anyone investing in a next gen console.

Sono4212475d ago

whoa Darth your going about that the hard way...

When I replaced my PS3 hard drive I simply redownloaded the games and map packs I bought from the store, and all my game saves I put on my 64 Gig flash drive and copied them over that way... was actually very easy.

Deadpoolio2475d ago

Yeah once they make their official overpriced Microsoft brand HDDs....Which I would bet my first born child is EXACTLY why you are unable to use an HDD at launch...They have to make 500gb+ official $250 HDDs...They surely don't want people running out to pick up a less than $80 1tb, they wouldn't make money on that

HurtfulTimez2475d ago

@ ctiboi

the hdds that you for sony consoles can be any hdd you like as long as it is the right type. (rpm speed etc) a 1TB internal can be found for around £35-£50 (55-75$)

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GmIsOnPt3602475d ago (Edited 2475d ago )

The Xbox one and ps4 will not allow for upgrade able storage at launch. And no it's not enough space at launch , the installs are mandatory for Xbox one I was told this via twitter yesterday by Xbox!not sure about mandatory jnstalls on ps4...

itBourne2475d ago

I dont think people even know what the "Cloud" is lol. It has been around a long while, how do you think matchmaking works? Running entire games through the internet tho, maybe if you move away from the U.S. and its laughably bad internet speeds.

Deadpoolio2475d ago

You know that matchmaking on 360 is P2P connections right? No it's not done using cloud tech

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Supermax2475d ago

Um when you run out of space delete the games your not playing then reinstall once you want to play them again.

GmIsOnPt3602475d ago

Surely doable but when spending 400-500 bucks one shouldn't have to go through all that hassle. PS3 and Xbox 360offer 500/320 gb hard drives and the games are 1/10th the size it's a stupid decision on both there parts on next gem to shop with 500gb should've been a TB atleast

Ricegum2475d ago

It's probably not as much hassle as you think. Deleting something is instant, and installing is likely to be pretty fast. Any way, I bet this turns out to be a non-issue.

MrCastle2475d ago

No debate. There is not enough, period.

OC_MurphysLaw2475d ago

Exactly how I feel. Both Sony and MS should have bumped their initial offering for the HDD to 1TB. 500GB is nice for this gen...not nearly enough for next gen. All early adopters will be forced to buy a new HDD fairly quickly and that is an added expense nobody is talking about.

mhunterjr2475d ago

No it's not enough, but it is enough for launch. Both consoles will have new SKU's down the road, just in time for folks to need more storage. It's a good thing that both will allow expandable storage in some way.