Batman VS DeathStroke New Game +

Batman vs Deathstroke on new game + which is set on hard mode.

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davethedj1821d ago

it took me 2hour to beat him man hahah

Hakoom1821d ago

hes a bitch to beat on + but once you learn his style he becomes easy
took me 20mins

HeavenlySnipes1821d ago

Took me 30 min on hard mostly because I wanted to beat him without getting hit more than 3 times

Anthotis1821d ago

No way should Batman be able to hold his own as far as strength goes Vs Deathstroke.

lodossrage1821d ago

That's true

Historically, every time Batman fought Deathstroke, he lost.

The problem is as you said, the strength level. As fighters, they're even but raw power always gave Slade Wilson the edge anytime they fought

Pintheshadows1821d ago

Slade is made for a videogame. I wish they'd do a full fledged title like the Arkham games with Deathstroke. I'd love that.

wls10121821d ago

the was entertaining, nice work you made it look easy.

Unztayble1820d ago

This is a very good boss fight. I hope all the rest are as good as this.