Miyamoto: Online Multiplayer Isn't Nintendo's Focus This Time Around

Kotaku - "The upcoming Wii U platformer Super Mario 3D World, like many other Nintendo games, won't have online multiplayer. If you want to play with other people, you'll have to do it in the same room.

Well, I guess one person could grab the Wii U GamePad and move to another room, but you see what I'm saying."

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Abash1845d ago

*sigh*. For a game like SM3DW, online should have been a focus. It's perfect for online play

-Foxtrot1845d ago (Edited 1845d ago )

I don't understand isn't that why devs usually add co-op these days or multiplayer in general so gamers can play with their friends online. Whats the point wasting resources on the feature, creating the world for this 4 player co-op play if your not going to have online play

If that's the case why bother having 4 players. I think they are just doing it to separate it from Super Mario 3D Land as much as they can

It's 2013 Nintendo please get with the times

vakarian751845d ago

Couch co-op does that ring a bell.

-Foxtrot1845d ago

Oh for the love of god, it's nice to have couch co-op in a game which has online multiplayer aswell but what is the point of adding co-op/multiplayer JUST for couch co-op in these times.

Playing with friends have evolved, it's better now because what if your mate is at another uni, what if he's moved away, what if they don't have time to come all away over to your house and vice can't couch co-op all the time you know

Please lets not give Nintendo an excuse they should be getting with the time, especially if they want to attract third party devs.

lodossrage1845d ago

I usually don't agree with Foxtrot

But he's right this time.

Look, there's nothing wrong with couch co op. But this isn't the 8bit or 16bit eras anymore. Back then couch co op was our only option. But the internet has came and evolved. And friends and family get split across the country and even the globe. Which makes online gaming a priority for most people

Nintendo is a great company, but there is no excuse for them to still be so lax about online gaming.

PoSTedUP1845d ago

not a good look. shoulda kept the wii mote gimmick and called it the wii2. now they have to come out with some pretty epic revolutionary games and market them well. give a reason for someone to want the wiiUpad. mario galaxy3 should be in the works.

most of your console fans have grown up, online should have been a top priority. time to start buying some exclusive games, in their position it seems they have to literally drag people over to buy a WiiU.

badz1491845d ago (Edited 1845d ago )


talk about being out of touch!

and typical Nintendo fanboys will still make excuses for them! Pathetic!

Chrischi19881845d ago

What are the times? People complain, but where is the actual problem? Having no real friends probably. Only WoW friends or something like that, thats whats sad nowadays. I only play local multiplayer, maybe online multiplayer, if you can do local, too, like in CoD. But I have absolutely no fun, playing against somebody unkown online, that is like playing alone.

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evilbart1845d ago

Why all the disagrees? I don't understand this game should be multiplayer online it's nearly 2014 nintendo!

-Foxtrot1845d ago

Why?'s Nintendo

People don't like it when you point out Nintendo's obvious flaws. I mean how can they improve as a company if your just going to give them a free pass all the time. Where going to get to a point in the future where Nintendo are so behind they'll start to become less and less relevant all because most of us cling to nostalgia to the Nintendo that was, not the Nintendo of now.

evilbart1845d ago

You hit the nail on the head foxtrot and it's such a shame because I am a big nintendo fan but I don't know why the fans are accepting this? Nintendo games online is a no brainier they would be great,pity the fans don't want to go with the times sigh!

LOL_WUT1845d ago

Well said Foxtrot +1 ;)

-Foxtrot1845d ago

I don't think it's just fans who can't accept it to be honest, it's even non fanboys who still think of Nintendo as the company from the past when we had the NES/N64 etc, the old school days and feel like we should owe them something because of what they gave us....I mean they did jump start the video gaming industry with the NES.

I can see past that though, I love them, I appreciate them but when they do something wrong and are heading down the wrong path making stupid decisions I'll gladly call them out for it because I want them to get better...not end up like SEGA.

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AJBACK2FRAG1845d ago (Edited 1845d ago )

I don't have very many video game friends at all so games like this I get stuck playing solo everytime. Pikmin 3 is an amazing game. Online co op or vs. would have made it a killer app in my opinion. This is the one thing I really disagree with Nintendo on. After all it's 2013!!

zeal0us1845d ago

This should be the generation where you start building the foundation for you online service, Nintendo.

TheFutureIsBlue1845d ago

Especially with all of the great multiplayer games they have. Smash, Mario Kart, etc. Multiplayer isn't a bad thing. It would help generate a lot of sales if they upgraded their online services. Compared to Xbox One and PS4 they will be waayyy behind when it comes to this.

Misaka_x_Touma1845d ago

Only Smash, Mario Kart, Pokemon and Kid Icarus from Nintendo has Online.

TheFutureIsBlue1845d ago (Edited 1845d ago )


And? Those are some of their biggest franchies. Why wouldn't they upgrade the online service to better justify them? It would generate more sales and add to the gameplay.

camel_toad1845d ago

Yeh I really don't understand Nintendo practically avoiding online this far into the technological world we live in. It's as if they're in denial of the Internet.

Nintendo does so many great things but they always seem to have the Grandpa factor when it comes to modern trends.

AJBACK2FRAG1843d ago

Lol! I kinda' thought they were! Miiverse is really cool, a huge step in the right direction for Nintendo!

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V0LT1845d ago

It'll never be their focus.

R00bot1845d ago

With Mario Kart it might be.

deafdani1845d ago

All the Mario Kart games since the DS one have had good online play, and Mario Kart 8 will likely be no exception, but that doesn't mean that Nintendo, as a whole, focus on online.

R00bot1845d ago

Why the disagrees, though? Mario Kart has had good online since the DS, as deafdani said, and there's no reason why Mario Kart 8 would be an exception to that.

deafdani1845d ago

I guess the disagrees must be because one single game franchise with good online support doesn't mean Nintendo focus on online play. As I said, they have many franchises, and they only use Mario Kart for serious online play. So, they aren't really "online focused" now, are they?

hazardman1845d ago

I hope it stays that way.

Damd_Bowsr1845d ago

BOOOOO!!!!! I might have bought it if it had online

SkippyPaccino1845d ago

When the F are characters in Nintendo games actually going to talk????? Whats with reading dialog in 2013???? I cant respect a game that forces you to read every little snippet, when the freaking characters can just say it out loud...especially a next gen HD version of a Mario game.....Game reviewers should get some balls and knock 2 points every time this is going to happen, that way maybe in the future they will actually put some effort in their games...Every reviewer has no spine when it comes to reviewing a Nintendo game and will probably give it a 9 or over every time. I don't see anything special about this game, could have been done on the wii, especially if they don't have to cast actors to read the damn dialog . Lol!

If Skyrim can have acted dialog, then a Zelda game can as well?

If a ratchet game can have acted dialog, then a Mario game can as well?

Thanks for listening :-)

kneon1845d ago

But that would greatly increase their costs as you need to hire voice actors for all the different languages and then do all the recording, editing and post production, extra space on the disk etc.

It's a much bigger and more expensive task than you might think and Nintendo are all about doing things as cheaply as possible.

TheDivine1845d ago

Does Sackboy talk? Megaman? Rayman? Certain genres like platformers don't need voices. Zelda is the only game that's not a platformer without voices which is a design decision. I like it in Zelda personally.

Kid Icarus, Xenoblade, Metroid and most others series have voice acting. Mario is one game that SHOULDN'T have voice acting along with Donkey Kong Country and Kirby. Sony has silent protagonists also but people only take issue with Nin.

The online thing is a huge oversight and misstep. This game was built around coop. It will hurt sales for sure. Imagine this with 4 player online coop, miiverse integration, voice chat exc. it would be a blast and one of the most fun online experiences.

SkippyPaccino1845d ago (Edited 1845d ago )

The cost would definitely go up but every other developer seems to be able to do it for the same price they sell a Mario game for...I think the mint is running dry in japan...Mario games are the easiest games to make...No skills required...If they keep the same formula, then they shouldn't be getting perfect review makes review scores useless when they do this...Other games are scored on, Graphics,Sound,Story,game-play and what they bring new to the table...When you give a Mario game a 10 and turn around and give a other game a 8 because story and sound wasn't great, but a Mario game gets a 10 in story and sound when they don't even talk or follow a good story arc...

Little big planet still has a narrator? Still counts. There's hasn't been a decent Megan-man game since the ps2...I'm sure they will go the full 9 yards when they remake a new one. ZELDA definitely needs some voice acting...especially a next gen hd version...You can't enjoy and lose yourself in a beautiful hd environment when a stupid dialog bubble keeps popping up? LOL! Maybe the lack of insight and change is why they are not getting new fans? The sheep's will buy anything they throw at them...It's the wolfs Nintendo needs to cater too...